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TIM McKEOUGHMARCH 16, 11 \"it\'s easy to get mysterious when you talk about light, so I hesitated,\" said Omer Arbel, an architect based in Vancouver, BC.
\"But I admit that light touches people\'s souls in an interesting subconscious way --
Light is a medium that you can use to evoke emotions.
Lighting can sometimes produce mysterious and magical effects, he says, and can usually be amplified with glass, a material that has different properties depending on how it is made. Mr.
Arbel said from experience: While he has designed a wide variety of objects, including medals for the 2010 Winter Olympics, he is probably best known for his glass lamps for Bocci, he is the creative director of the company.
A collection of lights called 14-Mr.
Arbel\'s work is numbered in the order he imagined.
Cluster with lighting casting
Glass balls hanging from the ceiling.
\"People are used to having the chandelier as the central focus of the room,\" he said . \".
\"14 people think the room is a volume.
It\'s more of an environment chandelier like a cloud. ”The line Mr.
Abel, known as 28, was blown last year-
Glass balls with bubbles inside;
These pieces are made by blowing the air in and out of the glass during repeated heating and cooling.
During the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, he will present a new collection, aged 39.
A carefully crafted blow
Glass design in the form of pendant fixing, floor lamp or desk lamp.
He recently visited the city and bought glass lamps that he thought were inspiring.
Arbel started with SoHo\'s Flos store, where his first choice was surprising: tar88 is a classic, but only has glass in 60 bulbs.
\"You need to treat the bulbs as objects, not as fixtures for everyday life,\" he explains . \".
\"Then you get something magical.
\"The ad turned to Artemide, who picked the Miconos desk lamp from Ernesto Gismondi, a transparent spherical blow --glass shade.
\"It\'s too simple,\" he said . \"
\"It depends on the beauty of the hardware.
\"At the Lighthouse in Bowery, sir.
Arbel found some simple fixtures. traditional-
A dazzling array of crystal chandeliers.
\"It\'s a spectacular sight,\" he said of the stuffed shop, noting that most fixtures range from $100 to thousands of dollars, \"entirely above.
Finally, in the \"fresh killing\" in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, he found many retro works worthy of appreciation.
One of his favorites
Table lamp similar to crystal ball-
It\'s just a blown Murano glass foam.
\"I like light balls,\" he said . \"
\"A simple glass ball is always hard to resist.
\"A version of this article was printed on page D4 of the New York edition on March 17, 2011 with the title: light of the soul.
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