giant lightsaber floor lamp

by:Merttace     2020-03-25
Do you have fear?
Are you afraid it will lead to anger?
Did your anger lead to hatred?
Did you skip the pain directly?
Do you feel tempted by the dark side?
If you answer \"yes\" to any of these questions, then you need some bright side in your life!
Instructures community, have I arranged for you?
By following my simple 9-step program, you can also have a bright side in life.
I will tell you how to make your own super
Size of lightsaber floor lamp!
This huge Instructure will light up any room with the power of light!
Best of all, you may already have all the materials you need to find the light!
Note: This project includes some very gentle electrical work.
Many of the parts I use to make floor lamps are items that I already have around the house or outsidequite-trash-yet\" pile.
Jedi lightsaber (
And the Sword of the Sith)
Usually consists of two main pain parts: hilt is unique to each wielder, so it is important that you personalize hilt according to your wishes.
Although the blade is not completely unique, it is important for color reasons!
Choose your color wisely!
This step will guide your hilt construction!
Tip: remove any sticker from all parts before drawing the lightsaber, which is powered by diatium power cell.
Because I don\'t have a spare power battery lying \"no-quite-trash-
However, I decided to use an old desk lamp.
These steps may vary for the lights you are using, or if you purchase the socket and plug it in, you can skip this step completely.
The energy from the diatium power cell flows through the primary crystal to produce light.
For our giant lightsaber floor lamps, we will use standard LED bulbs.
This step will demonstrate how I can install the light part that was harvested from the previous step into the upper hilt unit.
The socket of my lamp is attached to a structure inside the lampshade.
I fixed the socket in my lamp with curtains, but I had to cut it down to fit in.
The sword handle looks great, but it won\'t stand on its own.
It needs a safe base.
The base will use the bottom of the barrel and a few pieces of 2x4.
Optional: the bottom of my bucket makes some words on it.
With the caulking, I applied it to the bottom of the bucket, smoothed it with a putty knife, and smashed it with another layer of black paint.
This is for a better base.
OK, you have created the light component, but it still doesn\'t look like a lightsaber.
You won\'t just use this to fight against the dark side, so it\'s time to hit the lower part of the hilt.
This step is just to connect hilt to the base.
You have built your sword handle and you have your base and now you need an awesome blade length!
If you haven\'t stripped the label on the 2 liter beverage bottle yet, please jump to my instructions and show several different cleaning methods to easily remove the label from the plastic bottle by clicking on the link.
This is the step for you to \"extend\" the lightsaber blade.
I mean connect the blade to the sword handle.
Plug in your giant lightsaber floor lamp and turn it on! PSSSSHEWW! (Admit it!
You just made the sound of the extension of the light blade!
This is totally acceptable! ! )
I chose green for the blade because I think it still looks impressive when it doesn\'t light up.
Your blade can be made with clear bottles and colored bulbs to produce any effect you choose.
I changed the white LED bulb to purple just to see how it looks.
I prefer purple.
What do you think?
Let me know which one you prefer in the comments below.
Better yet, post a photo of your giant lightsaber floor lamp with your own configuration and light selection!
As always, thank you for checking out my structure! !
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