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by:Merttace     2019-11-22
One of Orwell\'s finest qualities
The designed residence is flexible to meet the needs of all residents.
Most of the living areas of a family should include a wide space
Various functions and activities suitable for all individuals in the house.
Therefore, it is important to incorporate the design concept and turn the living space into an attractive functional area that meets the needs of all family members.
First, mark the space your whole family uses.
In general, the space used by the whole family in most families is to some extent the living room, dining room and kitchen.
There is no doubt that all of these spaces mean different things for different people, and everyone will use a specific space for their own activities.
The key to building an efficient living space for everyone is in the areas of versatility and versatility to meet everyone\'s needs.
However, playing multiple roles can sometimes mean that your space is filled with elements that conflict with each other.
Therefore, the answer is to create spaces that fit all the needs of the family while balancing different regions.
Normally, all of these family spaces are an informal, busy place with heavy traffic.
The durability and practicality of the design method will be important.
Great looking furniture for a long time.
Decide on fabrics and finished products that require minimum care.
It\'s best to use astain for furniture fabrics-
Resistant to coating.
In addition, choose a fabric to replenish the decoration in the house, but it hides the inevitable traces of fingerprints, spills and heavy use.
Patterned fabrics are often a good choice because wear and tear can become disguised.
In any case, you should start with the design process, ask all of your family members what they like or don\'t like in terms of color, pattern and texture, and then work according to their preferences.
For example, the living room of LivingroomA should have family members perform separate activities at the same time.
The function of the living room is varied
As a daily gathering place for the family, a place to entertain guests, a place to watch TV, a place for children to play, a space to do some work, and sometimes even a room where guests can sleep.
Therefore, this space should be properly designed to accommodate various uses within a given area.
Seats must be comfortable as you need to accommodate your family and some occasional friends.
Two or more seats add to the versatility of the room.
The furniture should be comfortable, durable and easyto-
Clean cushion.
Wear lightweight, casual, touch-able fabrics.
Obviously, you need to arrange a seat within a convenient viewing distance from the TV.
We all know that the place where people gather food is right behind, so you have to create convenient access and corners for placing food and drinks.
Also, try to include a fairly large corner for the workbench.
People can sit down and read, write, or work on a computer.
Place the bookcase strategically in the corner of the dining room, kitchen, living room with comfortable easy chair and good floor lamp or side table and reading light to create an instant library/study room.
The DiningroomA restaurant should also have a wide range of workplaces, such as eating, reading, entertaining and cutting vegetables.
As the space is constantly being used by many people, make sure the furniture is strong and durable.
For example, the table top finish should be able to replenish moisture so you don\'t have to worry about spilled juice.
Round or water on the table is good-
Received in this room.
They created a soft look.
The kitchen Akitchen can be designed as a place to prepare food and a place to talk.
Also, whether you\'re an acquaintance in the hospitality business or your child\'s high school sports team, sooner or later everyone will end up in the kitchen.
So there should be a seating area in your kitchen.
Also, when you are entertaining, an open kitchen provides a place for guests and people who cook food to mix without interfering with the process of fixing dinner.
In addition, the kitchen counter can also be turned into a snack bar or a buffet during a large party.
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