furniture for sale: how to find the perfect pieces for your room

by:Merttace     2019-11-28
It would be interesting to buy a perfect piece of furniture-
But it is also a challenge.
The size, color, quality and price must all be met in the right combination.
However, there are clear purposes, color schemes and themes ---
You should be prepared for success.
Continue with the examples in my previous article, how to plan your next home©Cor project and find inspiration and ideas for your home decor project, this article will use an example to work on the living room project.
Living room Project--
Total budget: $1,000 purpose: create a living room for family/friends to socialize and watch the TVColor palette: brown, red and tanTheme: wall covering for $50 for basic elements of contemporary or geometric design;
Plan: paint the floor for $50;
Furniture: carpet with brown, brown and red geometric area $550;
Plan: 6 seats (
There are 3 tan sofas;
Extra seats
$150 lighting, 2 side tables, coffee table, TV table;
$200 Plan: ceiling fixtures, 2 lamp accessories;
Plan: purchase after furniture is placed™Believe it or not, I actually prefer to buy furniture before choosing lighting, accessories or paint (
I think this is just another attachment).
Once you have basic furniture, you can try some room arrangements to complete the placement of the furniture.
Then, it is easier to determine the size, color and texture needed to complete the room with lighting, accessories and paint.
In this example, the furniture is only $550 and can accommodate 6 people to socialize and watch TV.
There are already neutral brown sofas, TVs and geometric area rugs in brown, brown and red.
--™Solving seating problems on a limited budget is always a challenge.
Fortunately, the existing sofa will take care of three people.
A good way to get a low cost seat is to bring a few footpads or a cushion cube with a sturdy tray on it, and they can also serve double as coffee or side tables.
For this item, we will purchase two padded cubes, a large and sturdy tray placed on the top of the cube, a side chair (
Bring more weight to the room)
Two tables and a TV stand.
We will break down the $550 budget into the following goals: $100 cushion cube (2)
$250 side chairs $75 end tables (large, sturdy tray $ (2)
$150 TV station™The budget for the final table and TV cabinet for all three items in the table is $225.
Because the color of the sofa is already neutral tan, it is better to try to make some contrast with other furniture in the room.
We will buy dark wood or paint.
--™When looking for furniture, hunters are fair games everywhere.
You can visit local furniture shops and thrift stores, however, for smaller furniture, I find it much easier to shop online with companies that offer free or low-cost shipping.
I have a few favorites that usually deliver at quality and price.
My first search was a backlog.
Com of \"Ottoman.
\"Right away, I\'ll be able to get two brown glued leather footpads for $39. 99 each (
$100 below the original target).
Brown is one of the colors of the inspiration area carpet, so we put it in the palette now.
Next, the next search is \"final table\" and I am happy to find the red final table for $33.
I\'m being targeted again.
Keep in mind that red is another color of the inspiration area carpet, so it\'s a great discovery.
I noticed that these coffee tables have a matching coffee table for $58. 99.
Now, I have to tell you that I am not a fan of \"matching\" furniture, but, after seeing the coffee table, I decided to use the current trend of using long and low tables to place the TV.
Since the TV table won\'t be next to the table, this is still a good option and a very good price (
Our target is $150).
The last piece of furniture would be a bit tricky-\"We have found brown, brown and red furniture in the room.
Ideally, prints with all these colors would be great, but could be hard to find.
I search for \"chairs\" and now I think of why I like the backlog. com so much.
In fact, I found a padded chair in tan, a small geometric pattern of brown and red for $185. 99.
My ultimate goal is: I search for \"Pallets\" but, can\'t find something big enough or a style that fits.
So, I will save the $25 tray and all the other money I have saved for the purchase of lighting and accessories.
We spent a total of $395. 89 (
Including $2.
95 shipping of all Backlog items. com)
Leave $154 behind.
Can be added to the rest of this project.
The final article in this series will discuss shopping for lighting and accessories.
--™|™|™This article is part of my family. ©Cor series.
Read them in the order of typical families©The Cor project starts with how to plan your next home©Complete the project and progress by looking for inspiration and ideas for your home decor project, furniture for sale-how to find the perfect furniture for your room, sell lighting-\"how to find the perfect piece for your room, buy low cost accessories and choose the right artwork for your room.
You will get a lot of ideas on how to put them together and on the way to successfully complete your project.
Come back and see my upcoming mini
A series of quick decoration tips and projects you can work on weekends.
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