For Sale: An East Side Townhouse With a History

by:Merttace     2019-11-17
Grand Upper East Side townhouse in Florence H.
LaGuardia was sworn in as mayor of New York in her 1930 s, where several famous residents lived, including the architects who built the house from two houses, are being redecorated
Entering the market for the first time exceeded 1/4 centuries.
The price of this 32-foot-wide, five-
Story House, 154 East 63 Street, between Lexington and Third Avenue, costs $21.
8 million, according to Chris Kann of Corcoran Group. (
He listed the property with his colleague Robbie Brown and Jennifer Ireland. )
The property tax is $136,039 a year. The 8,000-square-
Including a rare two-story building.
The garage is sold by the estate of Diana King, who is the daughter of Charles King, who is the founder of King World Production, like the Oprah Winfrey Show and the danger! ” Ms.
The King died on January at the age of 69.
She bought the house in 1992 for about $3.
7 million, and mainly used as pied-à-
According to Eugene V, terre and her meeting place for the charity set up by her parents Charles and Lucille Kim Family Foundation
Estate executor, kokokot, member of the board of directors of the Foundation.
Part of the proceeds from the sale, Mr.
Kokot said the organization will support education in television and film production.
Over the years, Ms.
The king spent millions of dollars. Mr.
Kokot can\'t say exactly how much)
Fix the townhouse in advance-20th-
Grand Century.
The whole house has exquisite crown and toothpaste shapes;
Intricate mosaic wood floor; stained-and leaded-glass windows;
Custom wall and ceiling decoration;
And countless buildings.
Ins and paneling
There are 8 fireplaces, 4 kitchens (
Two more like a kitchenette)
Two restaurants, two aquariums, more than half
In addition to four bedrooms, three full bathrooms and four dressing rooms, there are a dozen salons, study rooms and living rooms.
\"This home is built for entertainment ,\"
Kann talked about this vast space.
The house was a product of the renovation of architect Frederick strner\'s \"beautiful neighborhood\" in early 1900, transforming the dilapidated building block in Manhattan.
In 1914, Sterner focused on 63 th Street, starting with his own home and eventually becoming Ms. King’s —No. 154.
He joined two townhouses, re-faced the front and added a fenced area elsewhere.
Four years later, he put two buildings across the street together. 153. (
The dancer, Gypsy Ross Lee, lives there, and now the filmmaker, Spike Lee, lives there. )
Architect F.
Burrell Hoffman, Jr.
Known for designing the Villa Vizcaya in Miami, it was also in No. 154.
Other famous residents of No.
154 included state judge Samuel Sibley, who led a corruption investigation that ended Politics in tamdo Hall in New York City.
On 1934, LaGuardia was sworn in as mayor in the second floor paneled library.
Photo of the oath-
There is now a ceremony.
The 63 th Street mansion, now part of the Upper East Side Historic District, enters through the limestone gallery on the Garden floor.
There is a kitchenette/Butler\'s storage room and laundry room near the entrance.
The gallery leads to the first formal restaurant, a huge space supported by wood --
Burning fireplace and floor of mahogany, walnut and maple.
Room to central courtyard, 24-by-
25 feet, paved with rolling marble.
The area is equipped with a mahogany bar and retractable awning, surrounded by boxwood, Ivy, Hydrangea Phoenix and tung trees.
On the other side of the courtyard is a large paneled room with 19-
Foot ceiling, stain-
Glass windows and gas fireplace.
The dining room and the large room can also be reached through the marble corridor with an arched mirror.
Second floor is black granite kitchen with brass
Worktop with railings and banquet seating.
It is connected to the second formal restaurant, which has printed linen wall covering and Vermont green marble fireplace with gorgeous wood relief next to it.
The floor also features a living room/reading room with a mini solarium with Marston & Langinger and a paneled library.
The main suite and guest rooms with en-suite bathroom and comfortable window seating include the third floor with two fireplaces.
\"It\'s like a chic European hotel . \"Kann said.
Occupying the fourth floor is a separate apartment designed by Sterner for his sister Maude (Interior Designer.
It consists of two fairly large bedrooms, a half bathroom, a kitchenette and a large living room with a fireplace.
There is also another Marston & Langinger solarium on the top floor, as well as a kitchenette, media room and study room. And for would-
When buyers are worried about AVIC in this huge space, there is an elevator leading to all five floors and the basement, in addition to two sets of stairs.
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