fluorescent energy-saving lamp better than incandescent bulbs

by:Merttace     2020-04-13
The researchers investigated the ecological environment.
Balance all kinds of home light sources and reveal the compact fluorescent lamp, commonly known as energy-
Holiday lights are clear winners.
Researchers at the Swiss federal laboratory of materials science and technology, Empa, have investigated the ecological environment
Balance all kinds of home light sources and reveal the compact fluorescent lamp, commonly known as energy-
Holiday lights are clear winners.
Roland Hickey, Tobias Welz and Lorenzo Hilti from the Empa technology and social Laboratory studied four different lamps: classic incandescent lamps, halogen lamps,saving lamps.
Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
Initially, when sales and imports of tungsten wire bulbs were banned, there was a lot of criticism that the energy problem was getting bettersaving lamp.
One of the main concerns of opponents of these light sources is that they contain mercury.
The researchers analyzed the life cycle of each raw material and the energy consumption of the lamp throughout the life cycle from production and use to final disposal.
Reasons for energy
Due to the electronic circuit it contains, the ecological footprint of LED lights is larger.
50 years ago (
European hybrid (above)to 180 (
Swiss hybrid (below)
Incandescent lamps are better than energy in ecology --saving lamp.
But as the use time increases, the high current consumption of incandescent lamps is not good for it, and its competitors perform better.
In the case of energy
Saving Lamps, the environmental impact is reduced by 15% when they are recycled instead of burned.
But even if burned in a waste disposal facility, much-criticized releases of mercury are insignificant in quantity.
This is because in the environment, the vast majority of Mercury is emitted from power plants that burn fossil fuels.
So far, the biggest environmental impact has been caused by the actual use of lamps and lanterns.
\"By choosing to power the lights in an eco-friendly way, one can achieve more in terms of ecology, not just replacing incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps,\" said Roland siskye . \". But energy-
Saving Lamps does have ecological advantages.
The determination to destroy the environment shows this.
Even points, that is, the time when the lights work to cause a certain degree of environmental damage.
Use of European power mixing mainly produced from fossil fuels
Incandescent and energy power plants-
They made a breakthrough in environmental protection.
Even scored quickly.
About 50 hours later.
Due to the significant increase in power consumption of tungsten wire bulbs.
After 187 hours, the Swiss electric hybrid reached this point.
But for compact fluorescent lamps, the typical life span is about 10,000 hours (
In contrast, the working hours of incandescent lamps are about 1,000 hours)
In the ecological sense, buying such a lamp will soon pay for itself.
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