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by:Merttace     2020-05-12
What do girls without Valentine\'s Day do on Valentine\'s Day?
Not to miss the type of celebration just because I am not qualified, I am a fan of 8 people
Book a private restaurant together (
Away from those crazy couples)
Or a big table to start a night of divine food, wine and active conversation, so happy knowing that \"single\" is just a state of mind.
Many Auckland restaurants offer special menus for V-
One day, so take a look at these options, get together and flirt at dinner!
166 jowos Road (09)
376 5597 Vinnies is one of the most luxurious private restaurants in Auckland.
The Kahikatea room has the \'kahikatea twiig \'ceiling, a large pile of candles on the central table, and the incredible food and wine selection of Jeff Scott, the perfect place for a group dinner on Valentine\'s Day. A four-
Course menu will include West Coast silverfish, 5-
Spice quail meat, venison and half uka meat, as well as pink romantic desserts made of raspberry and rhubarb. $99pp.
319 Queen Street, ph (09)
379 5353 rural warmth in this country-
Japanese restaurant is a perfect choice for casual group dinner.
They have private areas for larger groups or I bet you will rent out a new karaoke room.
What better way to get to know each other than singing together after drinking too much sake?
597 Eden Road, Bowman (09)
638 9676 at the Bowman hotel, you can choose from two private restaurants-
Wine red or Valentino.
Both products come with shiny chandeliers, white linen tablecloths and are civilized and matureGreat.
The Valentine\'s Day package is a $80 package.
Pon23 Ponsonby Rd, ph (09)
360 6262 Rocco is known for creating a casual, social atmosphere, and the private restaurant upstairs is perfect for eight or more groups and even has its own lounge.
Dark, moody, very intimate, not intimidated.
Mediterranean on Valentine\'s Day
The inspiration menu will serve three dishes and a glass of bubbles for $80.
Wildfire Prince\'s Wharf, ph (09)
09 353 7595 the original nature of this Brazilian barbecue restaurant will definitely make vague acquaintances feel more sociable!
Set Price (Starting at $38. 50)knife-
The waving waiter will cut the endless iron plate meat directly on your plate.
A group of diners sat around the big table, the atmosphere was lively, noisy and interesting.
Java room 7/317 Parnell Road, Auckland (09)
366 1606 Java Room is one of the best outdoor dining areas in Auckland.
The elevated section of the enclosed balcony reminds you of \"warungs\" and other local eateries you find in Southeast Asia where you will be transported.
The food in the Java room was delicious too!
Shortland St, Auckland, ph (09)
309 8191 if your team consists of some serious wine lovers, consider the restaurant in the wine room as a venue.
They have a good wine list with two private dining spaces to choose from, and while it is not usually open on Sundays, the wine room will open on February 14 with a special menu for $64.
50 pp for three courses.
Ponsonby Rd, ph (118)09)
378 7979 this private little restaurant has a private restaurant upstairs with Ruby in all rooms
The red velvet bench seat, lit gently with a candle, looked at Ponsonby Road.
The Valentine\'s Day menu will not break the bank and you can get some French champagne in a glass.
This is one of the most beautiful and comfortable restaurants in Auckland.
Sky City Hotel 90 Federal Street, Auckland, ph (09)
363 7030 walk into the private dining room at the time of the meal and you know that you have entered a wonderful old time.
There is a solemn, almost conference room.
Love the quality of the room --
Sparkling marble benches with back chairs and glassware. Seating from 6-
16 Valentine\'s Day has a special menu of three dishes with the latest entertainment crazebouches (mouth pleasers)
, Taste cleaner and petits fours, stolen for $ 135pp.
1 floor, Pearl Garden, 1 Newmark St, Auckland (ph09)
523 3696 after nearly 35 years of operation, Pearl Garden has a considerable share of the group dinner.
The table can accommodate up to 12 diners. the traditional way of sharing dishes and delicious Cantonese food are very good.
Note: Valentine\'s Day this year is Chinese New Year, so you \'d better book!
So remember that you don\'t have to stay at home this Valentine\'s Day if you are single
You can book a room.
Kick your heels with a large group of people.
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