Fixing Up Interior, One Step at a Time

by:Merttace     2020-04-23
When she moved into the apartment in 1989, Karen shoyal realized that she had an extensive renovation project.
She knew that she did not want to live with the conspicuous plaid wallpaper in the dressing room and that she needed new furniture.
But she doesn\'t want to be in debt either.
She decided that the best way to do it would be to hire an interior designer at hourly rates to help her make plans and get the most out of them.
Xiao Ting and Elaine Hankin from Elaine Hankin interior design at Huntington Beach decided to redecorate in stages.
They finished a dressing room downstairs and almost finished the living room.
\"We started with a few things and we have been building since then,\" said tax accountant Xiao Ting . \".
Her approach is to save money, buy a few items, and then save money for her next purchase.
This decorationin-
According to Orange County interior designers, the incremental approach is just one of many ways to make home decor more affordable.
Hiring designers can often save you money, they say, because they can make a plan to avoid expensive mistakes and get access to resources that are not available to the public.
The plaid wallpaper in her dressing room was immediately removed.
Now the delicate pink roses go through the white background on the walls and ceiling to make the room look bigger.
The sink now has brass and porcelain fixtures.
Her living room now has two white sofas with bright blue and pink pillows.
The pillows are made of silk. The price is not expensive, (Hankin\'s)
\"Add an elegant touch with a small cost,\" says shoyal . \".
The sofa faces a large coffee table with brass base and glass top.
The base is purchased separately and then cut and diagonally cut the top of heavy duty glass as per Hankin\'s specifications.
Coffee tables, coffee tables and a nest of tables totaled less than $2,500, Hankin said.
The lights at both ends of a sofa were purchased at a light fixture manufacturer at a price far below the retail price.
A lamp is a lamp. of-a-kind.
The base is a vase with pink and blue flowers on the golden background.
A custom shade was made for it and another lamp, and the other had a double candle holder base.
Accessories also play a big role in the living room.
A set of crystal items on the coffee table, a crystal bowl on the coffee table and an amazing Chinese
The style vase on the high base gives the room an elegant look.
According to Hankin, the items and other items totaled about $1,500.
For sliding glass doors in the living room, shoving and Hankin choose vertical fold shadows on the track (about $350)
Change the vertical blinds.
The white shade gives privacy and plenty of light, and the top is a soft pink silk trim that offers the elegance of the silk curtains for a fraction of the cost.
The planning of the Shoemaker renovation project is a crucial step for any home design project.
In March, Corona Nadel Jon jar and colleague Nancy Bailey said that planning is more important if you have less money.
\"It means deciding what you need to do the desired look and knowing how much you can spend on each item before shopping.
Once you do, there are a lot of ways to save money: the knobs and taps that are fixed in the bathroom can add real personality to the bathroom.
\"You can go and destroy the yard and pick up the old fixtures that are still great and have a lot of life left in them and are very cheap,\" Hankin said . \".
Furniture if you move into your home and the budget is small, consider buying white resin patio chairs that \"can be used inside\" before your funds allow for high quality chairs \", betty Hyde, the ultimate design interior design in Laguna Niguel, said.
Each price ranges from $8 to $50.
Add some colorful ties
Create comfortable and charming seats on the cushions.
When you\'re ready to improve the quality, move the patio chair outside, says Hyde.
The versatility of furniture is a problem that people who often move.
\"Segmented sofas can usually only be concentrated in one direction, which eliminates the possibility of them being used in the future,\" Hyde said . \".
The more flexible option is two 7-
Foot sofas that can be combined in many ways, including split into different rooms.
Garage sales, real estate sales, and second-hand furniture stores recommend several decoration vendors (
Not antique shop)
For parts that can be patched or covered with contact paper, swap satisfies a good source.
Lana Barth, designer at Huntington Beach, says redecorating can sometimes be as expensive as buying new furniture --saver;
Sometimes the cost of new furniture can save 50% or more.
\"If you like the shape (
That piece of furniture)
\"If it is comfortable, then it may be worth redecorating,\" she said . \".
Barth also recommends collecting a variety of used wooden chairs for the restaurant.
The seat can be decorated with matching fabric and the wood can be refurbished or painted.
The slip cover is even cheaper than the new decoration.
Custom covers for interior decoration shops, ready for sale in department storesmade ones.
In the spring/summer catalog of 1991, there are sofas and chair covers of various styles and colors.
The price of the chair ranges from $50 to $60, and the price of the sofa ranges from $105 to $134.
Matching curtains are also provided.
The kitchen cabinets are big-
Ticket items in the home renovation plan.
One way to reduce the cost is to re-face, not replace the cabinets.
This includes replacing the cabinet door with a new cabinet door and placing a veneer or wood skin on the outside of the cabinet.
According to Barth, the process can save 50% or more than buying new cabinets.
If the kitchen cabinets are built with hardwood floors and are in good condition, patching them and adding new doors can create an updated look, Hankin said.
Hankin says overhead fluorescent lamps in the kitchen can be decorated cheaply by replacing old plastic plates with new white panels.
If it is standard size, there will be a replacement for most home improvement shops.
If they are not standard, you have to find a place where you can cut them into small ones, which increases the cost.
Hankin said that before installing the panel, align the recessed interior with bound foil or paint the interior with silver paint.
According to Hankin, the reflection masks the shadow of the fluorescent tube and makes the lighting more efficient.
She also suggested that the ceiling and any decorations surrounding the fixtures be painted white to be as unobtrusive as possible.
Sheets, pillowcases and tablecloths can be used in unexpected places as a way to achieve a high style at a moderate cost.
Slabs can be used to decorate walls, Bailey says.
Nail the sheets on the dry wall or on the nail belt.
Lace tablecloths can be loosely attached to tight sheets for a softer effect.
This treatment works well behind the headboard.
Sheets can also be collected on the rod and hung behind the headboard like curtains.
Sheets can also dress up in the bathroom, according to Han Jin.
The attractive flat panel printed boldly can be used with the plastic shower curtain lining instead of buying the expensive fabric shower curtain.
Measure and trim the sheets and use snap-
On the shower hook or put it on the ceiling with a tie rod and pull it back with a nice tiebacks.
Lace tablecloths can be placed on top of the quilt.
\"The pattern or solid color is displayed through the tablecloth and the effect is very beautiful,\" Bailey said . \".
If built in increments, the layered window treatment look can become more affordable, Bailey says.
Start with wooden blinds or Roman shade.
Add a valance later, then the side curtain, then the sheers, to soften the whole look.
Sometimes it\'s just to choose a cheaper treatment to achieve a similar look.
Barth has a client who originally wanted the blinds, which would cost $2,000 to $3,000.
This is beyond her budget, so Barth recommends using vertical blinds for about $500.
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