fine dining a la art the country\'s best chefs are preparing the most interesting menus--at our local art museums.

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-Next time you want the most talented chef in your area to prepare a special meal, where will you book a table?
For many picky diners, today\'s preferred ticket is often the local museum of art.
On one occasion, if any, fine arts cuisine was limited to member restaurants.
But now the museum has replaced the public steam table with a premium kitchen and stylish environment.
\"As a government-backed, declining non-profit organization, the museum is always looking for ways to attract people,\" said Alan Ki, marketing director at the Dallas Museum of Art, whose well-received restaurant 1717 opened in April 1996.
\"What better way to be a destination than the restaurant itself?
So there are eight crosses here.
National choice (
7 open to the public and 1 open to members)
This is the best museum dining.
Baltimore Museum of Visual Arts Joy beauty Internet cafe happy self
33-year-old trained chef Peter Zimmer is a perfect addition to bothyear-
Only old museums showing works of artists without formal training.
\"I work intuitively,\" he said . \"
\"I learned from Thai, Indonesian and American cuisine to create dishes that people can enjoy with their eyes. \" The knife-and-
The forks are also very good.
Minimalism of the museum 120-
Dining room with steel furniture and 30 seats
The Foot slate bar overlooks the harbor.
Popular with customers: Thai lamb chops with sweet mashed potatoes
Corn Cake and coconut butter ($28. 50).
The main course is $9 to $15 for lunch and $19 to $28 for lunch. 50 at dinner.
Lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday;
Sunday lunch only; phone 410-244-
6500 Boston Museum of Art restaurant in the last three months-
This contemporary restaurant with black granite floors and refreshing white linens will have a new name after a month of renovation (
Fine Arts restaurant)
Cocktail lounge and 62-
Seating on the open terrace. The menu--
Now under the full guidance of celebrity chef Jim Dodge, the 42-year-old Jim Dodge is the author of the best-seller bake with Jim Dodge (
Simon and Schuster, $25)--
The United States is mainly regional, but it is not surprising to find the international impact that matches the theme of the museum exhibition.
In Dodge\'s signature dessert, try plum Pitia, a baked puffs pastry filled with almond cream topped with plums and cream sauce ($5. 95).
The main course is $8. 95 to $12. 95.
Lunch from Monday to Saturday, brunch on Sunday, dinner from Wednesday to Friday; phone 617-369-
3474 Chicago College of Art Chicago park restaurant by 35-
Foot ceiling and 78-
Overlooking the foot bank window of Grant Park, diners lunch with fusion cuisine prepared by 37-year-old chef Masood Shirmohammadi (
Left above). The menu (entrees $8. 50 to $13)
Creative sandwiches and salads, as well as delicacies such as pistachios.
Lobster salmon skewers ($13)
Or the duck breast of wild mushroom foie gras, onion jam and melopoulos ($12. 50).
This restaurant is located in the east wing of the museum, attracting many tourists.
A rich mix of business people, museum audiences, retirees and couples.
Scene settings include walls
Potted plants, white tablecloths, aquamarine napkins and two 1893 template panels hung on the Chicago Stock Exchange.
Lunch from Monday to Saturday; phone 312-443-
3543 Dallas Museum of Art 1717 according to exhibits, seasons and his own fancy, chef George W. Brown Jr.
At the age of 32, prepare anything from southwest to Middle East to Russian cuisine at this trendy hot spot.
In last August, when DMA emphasized the Czech exhibition, Brown made appetizers for beef salad with farmer cheese dumplings, tomato chutney, lemon butter and sauerkraut ($7. 50).
\"I avoid blending different dishes.
\"Instead, I am loyal to the tradition of a particular origin,\" Brown said . \" He was recently named one of the best new chefs in 1997 by Food and Wine magazine.
Brown is a native of Texas. his favorite dish is \"home cooking\": mesquite-
With Shiner Bock (a local brew)
Gravy on Apple, bacon and cabbage pie, topped with pickled green tomatoes ($30).
The main course is $10. 50 to $13.
$50 for lunch and $22 to $31 for dinner.
Lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Saturday, brunch on Sunday; phone 214-880-
0158 Denver Museum of Art palette with chef Modi in the city-
Restaurant owner Kevin Taylor is at the helm, at the heart of the massive dam renovation, and the palette will open this month.
The 35-year-old introduced the most popular Zenith American Grill in Denver with the new ultra-
Senior beer shop Z.
Museum menu at affordable prices (
$5 to $8 main course. 95)
It offers modern cuisine such as wild vegetables and tomatoes.
Located on a relaxing stroll from the city center, Titanium double promotes a stylish and elegant atmosphere
The newcomer\'s walls and floor-to-ceiling windows are curved and overlook the beautiful courtyard, making it a great choice for local business communities and museum lovers.
Lunch and brunch from Tuesday to Sunday; phone 303-640-
4433 chef patter, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles-
The 43-year-old restaurant owner Joachim Splichal has positioned Patinette as his casual cousin of upscale Patina, Cafe Pinot and Pinot Bistro, all of which are the fashion of the Los Angeles fashion crowd
Patinette, which was newly renovated last summer, is a vibrant contemporary California scene with plenty of light
Oversized black seasoning menu-and-white plates.
Stylish sandwiches and salads with daily specials such as roasted portobello mushrooms, zucchini and caramel red onion on tomato pagnoti, a rustic Italian bread ($6. 50)
And grilled zucchini, oven-
Dried tomatoes and mint ($6. 45).
Don\'t be surprised if you\'re dating celebrities like Steve Martin and Emma Thompson.
Lunch from Tuesday to Sunday and dinner on Thursday; phone 213-626-
1178 trustee\'s restaurant New York Metropolitan Museum of ArtOnly restaurant--
Covered with golden wooden columns, pastel beige tones, stunning views of Central Park--
Is a mellow haven from the bustling Museum (
Picture on page B33).
The 31-year-old chef, Albert Lukas, who was once the city\'s famous Le Cirque and restaurant Daniel, offers an exquisite menu to add to classical French cuisine
\"I\'m far from heavy sauces and a lot of butter, which are usually French,\" Lukas said . \".
\"By using ingredients such as seaweed, I have also deviated from tradition.
His specialties include fried foie gras appetizers ($17)
He can add black cranberries or other seasonal fruits to it.
During the summer from Friday to Sunday, the restaurant is open to members who contribute at least $75 a year.
Other times, weekend meals are open to donors at least $350.
There are at least $3,500 sponsors per week.
The main course is $18 to $24 for lunch and $26 to $32 for dinner.
Lunch from Monday to Friday, brunch on Saturday and Sunday, dinner on Friday and Saturday; phone 212-570-
3975 Philadelphia art union works 251 in addition to raising their own livestock, the 38-year-old chef Alfonso Contrisciani is popular in this fast-moving 8-month-
Art Union\'s old restaurant at 1915 stone building in Rittenhouse Square.
\"We smoke our own fish, make our own sausages, ice cream and stock, soak in vinegar and season olive oil,\" said Buckingham sciani . \"
His favorite dish: Orangemango-
Corn, scallions, chili pie and crispy fried venison-leek straw ($24. 50).
The decor of the three restaurants includes gorgeous crystal chandeliers and bordello-
Lampshade style.
Summer, a 45-
Seating terrace decorated with wildflowers, 13-
Tung trees and vines-
Brick wall. Entrees are $8.
$50 to $12 for lunch, $14. 75 to $24. 50 at dinner.
Lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, brunch on Sunday; phone 215-735-
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