Finding Inspiration and Ideas for Your Home Decorating Project

by:Merttace     2020-04-24
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Once you plan your decoration project with a specific focus and set a budget, you want to start the actual design process ---
Find inspiration and ideas for your room.
Here you will choose your color scheme and theme--
You can also learn the basics of your space.
--™Find your inspiration if you haven\'t considered the color scheme or theme yet, it\'s time to find your inspiration.
Design Centers, furniture stores, magazines, and Internet home decor websites can be a great resource to help you choose a theme or color scheme.
If you find a picture of your favorite living room-
Make it your inspiration and starting point.
Or maybe you found a great artwork with a theme and palette that you like-
You can also use it as the center of your design.
With clear goals, a set of ideas and a basic budget, you can start.
Continue with the examples in my article entitled \"How to plan your next home decor project\", which will use an example to work with the living room project.
--™Making basic knowledge means deciding what you need and how to get it.
Decide on the basic elements needed and draw a quick sketch of how some rooms look for furniture placement.
You can also find room planning software for this.
Plan don\'t think too much--
Try to combine some ideas.
Your goal is to complete the purpose of the room within your budget and it looks like you will like it.
Clean up the room if possible.
A blank sheet of paper can keep you away from the current design.
Use what you have and build from there.
In this example, we\'ll start with a huge geometric area rug, an existing neutral brown sofa and home TV found at a $50 garage auction.
We place seats, tables and TV around the carpet.
Area carpet is the inspiration for the room--
It has geometric patterns of brown, red and brown. Choose more than one
A colored work like a regional rug or artwork is a fantastic \"center\" of the room, and if you pick all the other colors from that piece, you definitely have a coordinated palette.
In this example, because the pattern of the area carpet is geometric, it sets a design theme of contemporary or geometric.
Let\'s define the project plan further--
Transfer the savings of $150 on the area carpet to the furniture budget.
Living room Project--
Total budget: $1,000 purpose: create a living room for family/friends to socialize and watch the TVColor palette: brown, red and tanTheme: wall covering for $50 for basic elements of contemporary or geometric design;
Plan: paint the floor for $50;
Furniture: carpet with brown, brown and red geometric area $550;
Plan: 6 seats (3 tan sofa existing;
Additional seating for $150 3), 2 side tables, coffee tables, TV tables;
$200 Plan: ceiling fixtures, 2 lamp accessories;
Plan: purchase after furniture is placed™The next content to use the budget plan as a project guide will help your own efforts.
In this example, it is easy to see that with a budget of $1,000, the purchase of a floor covering of $850 will leave you with insufficient funds to complete your room.
Try to work within your budget as you move forward-shift the amount allocated from one category to another.
Remember, if you find a perfect area rug at a garage auction for $50, you can move the $150 furniture allowance etc here.
Everything is ready for you now.
You have a budget, plan, theme, color scheme and a list of target prices for each purchase category.
It\'s time for the interesting part. -
It\'s time to start shopping.
It is usually best to buy larger items (such as furniture) first and then accessories.
You are ready to enter the next phase of the project.
--™Beta-™Beta-™This article is part of my family. ©Cor series.
Read them in the order of an atypical family©The Cor project starts with how to plan your next home©Complete the project and progress by looking for inspiration and ideas for your home decor project, furniture for sale-how to find the perfect furniture for your room, sell lighting-\"how to find the perfect piece for your room, buy low cost accessories and choose the right artwork for your room.
You will get a lot of ideas on how to put them together and on the way to successfully complete your project.
Come back and see my upcoming mini
A series of quick decoration tips and projects you can work on weekends.
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