facets reflect a trend in fall decor

by:Merttace     2020-05-02
Fans of modern architecture and cleaning
One of the most popular styles of this fall is the decoration of the cable strips.
For those who feel the whole bold, geometric
According to New York designer Elaine Griffin, the graphic stuff is close to overexposure, and flat furniture and prints make sense.
\"More pure and streamlined, the profile on the side is the style descendant of the geometry ---
\"It is believed that geometry has been deconstructed,\" she said . \"
Griffin says the style can be modern (
Hearst Tower, New York), primitive (
Think About Grand Canyonand vintage (
Art Deco and Cubists).
\"The small face shapes are more visually appealing because they reflect more light whether or not they are mirrored,\" she said . \".
\"A surface element in a piece adds a stylish, decorative size and layer of interest to the surface without going over the tedious, wrinkled, or over-finishing.
The \"gem\" shape is particularly attractive in reflective materials ---
Mirror, glass, shiny metal--
Light comes from the plane.
Clean, modern and luxurious.
In ceramics, wood, or fabrics, however, like in cellular and cellular structures, polygons look like mouthwatering organic shapes.
Wayfair has been decorated in many ways from several sources.
Stacking, smoking, etching
Intelligent glass surface
The watch of Bezos. Imax\'s lemon-
Vase of yellow ceramic tea tray, fashionable and modern.
The Cube fixture of Anchor avieh has three simple, faceted crystal blocks that create a simple and elegant desk lamp.
Antique of arteries
The brass table lamp on the iron base has presence and personality. (www. wayfair. com)
In Z Gallerie, the cowhide is crafted in gray and black tones into a faceted Odyssey rug.
There is also a charming mirror and porch mirror. (www. zgallerie. com)
The face candle holder of godingstack, like crystal jewelry, will dress up the table. (www. lampsplus. com)
At Target, the sea blue, black and white are covered with cotton shades.
Silver, face-like
The glass column holds a table lamp in the Xhilaration series. (www. target. com)
Designer Jason Phillips has incorporated the theme into different materials, carving acacia wood into 3D wall art in crates and barrels. (www. crateandbarrel. com)
Painted aluminum provides the medium for cool lamps from the Netherlands
Based on the studio Sander Mott.
Made of graphite, Jade, Chrome or gold, this Carat lamp features 36 faces carved into pendants. (www. sandermulder. com)
Capiz shells are handmade.
Cut into small faces and mounted in a metal frame to create the drum chandelier provided by the West Elm.
A angled side table with antique mirrors makes a useful little thing for formal or rustic spaces. (www. westelm. com)
The Ori desk lamp by Israeli designer Mika Barr is a face cotton lighting cloud sitting on a paper clip style metal base.
The shape of the fixture is mobile and you can use the machine-
Wash the shade of cotton. (www. touchofmodern. com)
Dutch designer Marcel Wanders designed an unusual range of faceted tiles for Bisazza.
Smooth black or white ceramics called \"frozen garden\" can be paired with whimsical daisy patterns if needed. (www. bisazza. it)
The Wanders\' Stone stool in Kartell has a face hourglass shape with red, black, smoke, blue, amber or transparent polycarbonate.
Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola has also designed a thick, flat acrylic vase for Kartell.
The Jelly vase has several soft shades and can also hold a candle without flame. (www. allmodern. com)
German designer Elisa Strozyk hand-made wooden faces on the fabric to create \"wood textile\" with a unique texture \".
These fabrics can be used as throwing cloth, curtains, bedspread or interior decoration. (www. elisastrozyk. de)
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