Exactly what is a Hose Fittings

by:Merttace     2020-05-28
Hose fittings consists of: stainless steel hose, metal hose, corrugated hose, plastic hose. Stainless steel hose fittings mainly indicates material from the 304 stainless steel or 301 stainless steel] made hose fittings. Uses: used to treat automatic meter signal wire protection hose fittings. Used to protect the precision optical ruler to protect the sensor line of stainless steel hose fittings. Has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, high temperature, abrasion resistance, tensile strength and water battle. And to provide some shielding effect. Mainly refers into a kind of metal hose fittings is spiral-shaped bellows; the other is circular corrugated pipes. Spiral corrugated pipe is a corrugated spiral arrangement of the tube-shaped shells, ripples rrn between the two adjacent a helix angle, all the ripples can be connected by a spiral line. Annular corrugated pipe is corrugated tube was closed circle-shaped shell, wave and wave ripples in series between the rings. Ring bellows or welded pipe seamless pipe by the forming process. Constrained by the processing methods, compared to spiral-shaped bellows, the single-tube length is normally shorter. Ring bellows has the associated with good elasticity, rigidity small. Corrugated hose fittings as a flexible pressure pipe is situated the liquid delivery system, to make up for pipe or machinery, equipment, mutual displacement connectors, absorb vibration energy, can are vibration, noise together with other effects, has excellent flexibility, quality Light, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature and many fridge / freezer. Two associated with plastic hose fittings, a fully airtight, watertight, such as rocket propellant for the transport, gas, water heater; the other is used in combination with a continuous winding material, the common winding of corrugated pipe used for protection of cables, like magnetic card telephones, machine tools, even so the amazing lamp of corrugated pipe is inside the production process into the wire clip. Plastic composite pipe is the first option cast iron pipe water supply pipe, its basic structure end up being five, that is, via the inside were plastic, hot melt adhesive, aluminum alloy, hot melt adhesive, plastic. Aluminum plastic composite hose fittings has good insulation properties, corrosion inside and outside the wall isn't easy, as being a result inner smooth, fluid resistance is small; it as free to bend, so installation is not difficult for manufacturing. As the water supply hose fittings, aluminum plastic composite hose fittings of sufficient strength, but if too much lateral force, it will affect the strength, so should be out or buried inside of wall pipe construction, but should do not be buried underground. (Aluminum-plastic composite pipe could be buried underground, such on warm the pipes used one could be the plastic composite pipe) aluminum plastic composite pipe connection is ring-style (can even be compression type), so construction First, we should pass rule test pressure, test the connection is potent. Second, to prevent frequent vibration, so that card set loose. Third, the time period of the installed capacity should remain sufficient to avoid pull to off. Application of plastic composite pipe. In water supply and heating pipes with thermoplastic pipes instead belonging to the traditional domestic hot galvanized steel hose fittings will be the current tendency. Industrial sector according in promoting demand, develop the introduction of plastic pipes numerous materials, one among which can be used for decent and cold water and hot water heating, building high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and aluminum composite hose fittings, that is, plastic composite (PE -AL-PE) pipes. Aluminum plastic composite hose fittings in China developed rapidly, about 85 domestic aluminum pipe production line, annual production capacity of 150 million m, construction of aluminum tubes are investing enthusiasm. To this end the author information in accordance with relevant domestic and international research conducted on the plastic composite pipe integrated domestic situation and development trend of constructing an objective evaluation, provide for reference.
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