Electroluminescent Night Light And Air Freshener Unit

by:Merttace     2020-06-14
A combined electroluminescent plug-in night light incorporates an air freshener in a single unit. The unit connects to a standard wall outlet and provides a continuous, low wattage light source and the desired air freshening. It includes an affordable operating temperature, is highly energy efficient, and the compact, space saving design are desirable features. This application relates to low wattage night lights and electrically activated air fresheners, and particularly a good integrally combined electroluminescent night light and air freshener unit. It is known in the art to provide an area air freshener unit that is electrically actuated, i.e., made to be plugged into a wall outlet to power a small heating element. The heating element surrounds a cavity or receptacle in which a thermally activated or diffused substance is stored. The thermally diffused substance is commonly a refillable packet or replaceable cartridge that is activated by the high temperature. A series of openings are provided inside the housing to radiate the diffused substance to the accommodation. Over time, a new supply of air freshener substance is required. Thus easy access is provided to the housing container eradicate the used container and insert a replacement. Today's home found a substantial increase in the number of electrical appliances and devices. Not surprisingly, market studies indicate an increased demand for electric outlets savings around your house. One particular example of the scarcity of outlets is in bathrooms where there are several demands for the outlets in association with a wide associated with uses. For example, hair dryers, styling irons, electric shavers, electric toothbrushes, and. are all examples of AC powered merchandise that are prevalent inside of bathroom. In additional, consumers often keep a night light the particular bathroom. Incandescent night lighting is the most key type of night light. However, most recent development has targeting the development of electroluminescent lamps (EL lamps). Rather than using an incandescent coil as the lighting source, EL lamps convert electrical energy into light by applying an electric field across a thin phosphor layer to produce or emit fair. A phosphor layer is interposed between third and fourth conductive electrodes. Among the many electrodes is light transmissive, or optically clear. The AC voltage across the electrodes causes the phosphors to emit light during each cycle. By manipulating the voltage and the frequency, the light brightness will alter, and also to varying degrees the color. These types of electroluminescent light sources have found widespread use as night lights because among the level of lamp brightness that will likely be unaffected by voltage, frequency, temperature, etc. The lights also do not fail in an abrupt manner. For example, incandescent light sources fail abruptly upon failure from the coil. Electroluminescent lamps, on the other hand, generally undergo a gradual lowering brightness over some are generally rated with extended useful lives relative to incandescent night lights. Thus, EL night lights are generally considered low maintenance since they do not require replacement as encountered, for example, with incandescent night equipment. Moreover, EL night lights are very efficient and may only consume current for your level of milli-amps as to draw power at, for example, approximately 0.3 watts. They are also very cool operating lamps, as averse to the heat generated by an incandescent lamp. Thus, the absence of heat generation plays an important factor for reasons regarding noted. Also related on the number of outlets is the fact that known separate air freshener and night light units are not to be accommodated in operates dual outlet wall socket because on the extended profiles among the air freshener and night light houses in the area. The extended profiles dictate whether the unit is oriented from a particular manner the actual outlet to provide access to the other outlet in a dual outlet strategy. Thus, a need exists to provide these desired functions without contributing on the problems noted above in a simple, effective manner. In an exemplary embodiment of the invention, a combined night light and air freshener unit includes a storage compartment adapted obtain an air freshener cartridge therein. An electric heating element is disposed adjacent the storage compartment and powered via a male plug adapted for receipt in an authentic electrical socket. In addition, a low wattage electroluminescent lamp integrally extends from the storage compartment it truly is powered via a similar plug. The exemplary embodiment preferable integrally molds the electroluminescent night light and air freshener in switching the housing to minimize assembly steps and overall dimensions for this unit.
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