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by:Merttace     2020-06-14
Shenzhen city crystal optical constant photoelectric limited to processing of high brightness high power LED lamp beads, higher performance price ratio, excellent performance, long service life Large power LED lamp beads - the new energy-saving lighting products, 1W LED spotlights, days lantern lamp, street lamp light source, functions a high price, high brightness, high power, can present a minimum of 1000 orders, 3 day fast shipments, even by ultra-low price of 2.5 yuan, is now one in the most affordable lighting goodies. High brightness high power LED lights 1W, 38MIL chip could be used in Taiwan in the new century, new century 45MIL Taiwan wafer chip, Mitsuhiro Taiwan 38MIL chip and us Predock chip.Its color can be according towards demand of production, assortment of color optional, long service life, small volume, convenient application. The high-power LED lamp is made up of Shenzhen city crystal optical constant photoelectric limited to processing, they specializing associated with production of high price of commercial LED lighting, professional production of high-quality LED integrated source of light lamp, and hope how the long-term cooperation! Modeling chic full of taste and personality LED soft lights Anhui is dry photoelectric Limited manufacturing of LED soft lights the weather of tolerance, non-cracking, long service life, can shear and extension. 3528, 5050 series LED soft lights the climate of tolerance, non-cracking, long service life, can shear and proxy.The LED soft lights is very soft, for being a wire crimp, bulb along with the circuit is very coated within a flexible plastic, insulation, waterproof good performance, safe use, easy manufacture graphics, text and other shapes. The LED soft lights using PCB board, light source, AB and other materials, light, convenient installation, color and light-weight efficiency can be customized.The product specifications are 3528 waterproof series, 3528 series, 3528 series, waterproof casing epoxy 3528 series, 3528 series, 5050 regarding waterproof glue, 5050 waterproof series, 5050 series, 5050 series, epoxy bushing 5050 glue line. The LED soft lights have been widely used within buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floor, ceiling, furniture, car, pond, water, advertising, signs, signs and other decorative and lighting, for the various festivals such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's day, national day and also added infinite joy and festival atmosphere, and are exported to Japan, Europe, Australia some other countries and regions.
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