eat, drink and take notes

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You know how it feels.
It\'s been a long day and you\'re in pain and you can\'t wait to get off this maddening highway and get into the warmth of the living room and sit on the couch next to the fireplace, have a good drink, and before dinner, when you listen to samba or jazz CD, dry martini under the glare of the floor lamp.
You relax and ascend immediately. I\'m home, dear!
Or, if you have a chef at home, you can also be a deputy chef.
Chef, bartender and enough White
There are plainclothes tables and tufted banquets for 100 strangers.
Instead, you are in the latest version of L. A.
Restaurant, the kind of place you want now is your home.
So comfortable, so comfortable, so charming. . . sexy.
The silk curtain rumbled slightly on the bare legs of a woman wearing fashionable high heels.
A pleasant family atmosphere with an obvious flirtation, like a weekend Country Party in one of the sexy French films.
The way Peachy-
The pink light in the restaurant is softening the face-
This crowd shines, every young man, every old man.
Have you found a smart hand that an interior decorator is playing here? You bet you do.
Dining in a restaurant like this is no longer just dining outside--
You will get the idea of decoration right away.
An operation is under way.
The restaurant owner is getting smarter and more fond of living.
They gave up the formulaic, ubiquitous business design and hired the best talent in Los Angeles. A.
Interior designer with comfort, uh-
A friendly home throughout the experience.
It\'s cold enough, stark, institutional morgue-
The essence of superhip, fashion-forward, fly-by-
Night restaurant with all the charm of gorgeous office.
Millions enough.
The massive environment of the dollar, the amazing foreground music, the walls of the fire and the falling waterfalls that came crashing down made people shout out!
Premiere every night!
Spend the weekend in Vegas!
They are doing something and you are attracted to the decoration as much as the food.
In fact, don\'t leave those oversized mirrors with subtle shimmers and reflections throughout the room, and don\'t sink --
The club chair at the back, isn\'t there a dark red room with a zebra?
The printed carpet makes everything taste better?
Isn\'t that what makes you want a second martini? This way you can extend your pleasant time.
You won\'t leave until you ask the hostess where you can buy that row 3-foot-tall bottom-
Ignite the vase, have wayward nodules at the entrance, or get the name of the burnt amber paint, active on the ceiling on caviar --colored wall.
What an adventurous gesture it is, but how effective it is.
You never thought about it, and if you think about it, you think you need more sleep.
But this is the best thing you \'ve seen since last L. A.
Restaurant you visit, down with kicky-
Custom cobblestone flooring
Apart from being next to the pool, the stripe pattern you never dreamed of would work anywhere.
Or the one before, the red one.
Lampshade desk lamp at both ends of the bar--
You saw Japanese silk there, too.
More romantic shadows than candles on the curve sconces-blown holders?
Where did you make sure you looked that night, okay, admit that, wet and desirable?
The beauty of eternity and classics is on the way back, reminiscent of Hollywood\'s glorious days when Paul Williams\'s architects and designers created quiet and exquisite restaurants such as Perino\'s, become the second club.
Home, the key factor, in a private space feel, has a taste of unpretentious affluence.
Plus a well.
Prepared menu and smooth service, you have the hope of long-term successterm.
Take a look at the Lucques of Melrose and AOC in West 3rd, both designed by international renowned interior design and furniture designer Barbara Barry, who is the first to enter the field
Make a reservation in advance.
\"There is a shift in Los Angeles. A.
\"From the point of view that everyone starts to accept the elements of residential design and adapt it to the commercial design, the type of restaurant,\" said Michael Berman, also an interior and furniture designer, as he said, he is responsible for the \"combination of calm and excitement\" of Grace on Beverly Avenue and Citrine on Melrose, as well as the current renovation of the spare Avenue Grill, Arroyo Grill and Smitty Grill in Pasadena.
\"One of the reasons these restaurants are so successful is that they stand out from many of the same things in the industry, all of which are homogeneous shapes.
Every restaurant-
In terms of this, each hotel-looks the same.
\"We give them a unique, personalized, more original vision because we are approaching the project as if it were actually someone\'s living room or dining room,\" Berman said.
On a recent Saturday, Grace was packed with customers, each table was full, and each bar stool and vintage recliner in his 70 s were occupied.
Four family members get together in front of a scoring mirror made of earth yellow and chocolate brown Super frames
Suede curtains on the eggplant gros point sofa inspired by iconic furniture designer Vladimir Kagan.
When the night light outside fades, the place presents a golden halo, replaced by a soft, filtered, diffuse interior light from the lights, the lights, candles and eye-catching suspension are made from hundreds of squares and rectangles of Imago, a transparent resin panel wrapped in fabric.
Go to Table 8 or Meson G on Beverly Avenue on Melrose, EM Bistro, or Jar and you will encounter almost the same overall atmosphere, giving or giving some details.
Forget the location, location, location.
Spell for home-
The restaurant is inspired by lighting and lighting.
This is the creator or vandal of a good interior design, including your own dining room and living room, and the designer cannot overemphasize how important it is.
They insist that it must be soft, no more than 25-
Watt bulb, it has to come from several sources ---
Indirect, indirect.
All designers use lamps, tables or floors, or both, they use custom or antique hanging devices, and all designers use lights in unexpected ways, in the furniture.
\"Lighting is everything, of course,\" said Sandy Davidson, designer of Meson G and Santa Monica\'s Fourth Street Rocca, which recently opened.
\"The lights of so many restaurants bothered me.
I would think, \'Why is that light bulb shining in my eyes?
Didn\'t the owner see the shadow of the face bump have any effect on the nose, chin and cheeks?
Berman believes that lighting is the most important element in the restaurant.
The bright light of the exposed bulb can be very unattractive and harsh on the eyes ---
There should always be lights on the dimmer switch.
Agree: no harsh lighting ever, no one wants to sit on a big, excessive
Bret Witke, who designed EM Bistro and Jar, said the bright space (
As well as fashion designer Tom Ford\'s home furnishings (later in Gucci)
Currently designing the third one in Los Angeles. A.
Towns and villages.
Working in his restaurant, he reimagined the atmosphere of the place where he felt the best: \"dark, smoky, woody old steak house\", in a British bar,
\"It creates sexy.
Everyone wants to look great.
Everyone should look great.
\"Yes, there is a big difference in lighting, so don\'t scribble on fixtures, which is the rule that table 8 designer Robert wildssing strictly abides.
He used Imago in large quantities to make backlight, Amber-
It looks almost like a wall panel with a free dance tone-
The textile pattern shines through translucent.
If lighting is everything, what\'s left? Plenty.
Don\'t treat these designers as real.
They know what makes a home and they know what makes a restaurant a fair home.
You begin to notice the aesthetic similarity of certain elements, no matter how personal and creative they are: use curtains or sheets to separate and define areas.
Calculation of these areas-
Bar, private room, restaurant, bar-lounge-
Suggested room flow.
Flow in the harmonious interaction of shape and hue as well as in the architectural movement of the space.
Warm, vibrant colors.
Side by side of light and dark forests.
From the stone to the lacquer, from the smooth gloss to the mixture of the texture of the leather.
Simple, moderately sized furniture for large and small mirrors.
Admire the lounge area imitating the living room or dens. Area rugs.
Minimum, if not minimum employment
Accents such as floral arrangements and artistic choices.
Generous uterus-Like a banquet.
Banquettes attracts the attention and love of designers almost as much as the lighting.
\"I always ask for a banquet,\" says Wildasin, who is finishing 8,000-square-
Foot restaurant in South Beach.
\"They are so comfortable and comfortable \"--
Davidson almost completely repeated an emotion by designing a curved banquet covering Hermes --
Like the orange faux leather of Meson G.
\"I always choose a banquet.
I sat on the cozy stuff against the wall and looked at the room and the people.
Berman designed the house for Steve boenstein, former ESPN president and current NFL Network leader, and Armand Marciano of Guess Inc.
Recently, he has been putting banketu in his house and now wants him to put a banketu in his home.
\"The Banquet gives you flexibility ---
You can play with fabric and texture, it can make better use of the space.
It can make the room more open.
\"Although the four designers have a similar attitude towards the appeal of the restaurant design, their signature style-
Commercial and residential--
What can be identified is different, they are ingenious in their way, and all confidence blends different times and appearances.
Davidson\'s animation combines the artistic styles of decorative art, Medieval Modern, Asian and contemporary Italy;
Witke\'s clean and comfortable, \"strong, not fixed\"
Like, \"reveals the affinity of leather, wood, marble and zinc;
He called it \"transition \"---
Combining traditional and contemporary works, the 18 th century works are perfectly combined with paintings such as Warhol and Roscoe;
Berman\'s is \"ultra-modern\", a term and method of his \"creation\", a bit \"quoting NewGreco (
Re-interpreting Klismos chairs in Grace)
Neo-Classical and regency, but explained in an updated, simple way.
From the groups of customers coming and going to Meson G, EM Bistro, Table 8 and Grace again, they settled in and were very comfortable and the designers were doing the right thing-really right --
Whatever their name is
Time staff writer Barbara King can be reached. king@latimes. com. *(
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Some of the best home design ideas are on display in Los Angeles. A. restaurants.
Here is a list of resources to capture their style: EM BistroCarpets: Crenshaw carpet center, 4611 Crenshaw Avenue. , L. A. (323)295-7731.
Chair fabric: Diamond foam and fabric, 611 S. La Brea, L. A. (323)931-8148.
Hanging ring ball lamp: F. I. R. E.
639 Fairfax Avenue. , L. A. (323)782-9110. Club chairs: I. M.
David furniture, 1556 W. 130th St. , Gardena. (310)243-1260.
Custom furniture 8550 Melrose Ave Lloyd.
West Hollywood. (310)652-0725.
Benjamin Moore.
Table 8 fabrics: all fabrics, except for the curtains, come from Knoll textile, Wilshire Avenue, and 2nd Street, Santa Monica. (310)289-5800.
Very hot fabric
Grade and business grade.
Curtains: mel & Goffigon fabric, Cowtan & Tout, 8687 Melrose Ave. B-647. (310)659-1423.
Furniture: all furniture and interior decoration of Maziar Abedian, L. A.
Comfortable, 1657 Alvera Street. , L. A. (323)297-0606.
Mirror: Sherman Gallery, 4039 Lincoln Avenue.
Marina del Rey(310)305-1001.
Bamboo plants and flower pots: Rolling Green nursery at 9528 Jefferson Avenue. Culver City. (310)559-8656.
Mosaic Tile: glass mosaic tile at the bar.
Walker Sanger, 8750 Melrose Avenue
West Hollywood. (310)659-1234 or www. walkerzanger. com.
Leather chair: Restaurant in Los AngelesA. Mart, 1933 S.
Downtown Los Angeles, BroadwayA. (800)677-6278. Imago: (Lucere gold)
Textile from Noel (see fabrics).
GraceMain restaurant: Klismos dining chair, Ivar convex mirror, Beato head desk lamp, Lombard mahogany console, Pongee silk and bronze wall lamp.
Michael Berman, 7215 Beverly Avenue. , L. A. (310)933-0220.
Metal vinyl on chairs and banquets: Forza (color: Cosmos)
Textile from Noel (see fabrics).
Snow Neil, bench back: Maharam textiles, 8687 Melrose Avenue. , L. A. (310)659-9550.
Lamps and lanterns: Imago, Noel textile.
Cork and alchemy wall covering: Cork.
Innovation 8687 Melrose Avenue. M-20, L. A. (310)289-0100.
Carpet: \"KAGO \"(Color: Bayberry).
Atlas carpet factory, 2200 Saybrook Street. , L. A. (323)724-9000.
Seating area: sofa and custom marble and steel coffee table, all for Michael Berman.
Mesons GSugarpine wall light is resting: Charles Jacobson, Asia Pacific R & D center. (310)652-1188.
Glass and mirror: Randy Ford, designer glass, 615 N.
Ha hsianda Avenue.
West Hollywood. (310)659-4461.
Aluminum glass custom chandelier: Carmine Abbinante from Saturn lighting. (323)258-9434.
Table base, bar stool: Paston Rawleigh Everett in Pacific Design Center. (310)652-4060.
Cobblestone floor: Rock. (800)476-6651 or www. pebblestone. net.
Interior door hardware: Details, 593 N.
Ha hsianda Avenue.
West Hollywood. (310)659-1550.
Vintage door hardware and toilet logo: Antique Hardware for Liz, 453 S. La Brea Ave. , L. A. (323)939-4403. T. H. Robsjohn-
Armband armchairs in the lounge: Art Deco Dragon, 750 N
Ha hsianda Avenue. , L. A. (310)855-9091.
Terrace entrance near the bar console against the wall-
Lounge: Warisan, 7470 Beverly Avenue. , L. A. (323)938-3960 or www. warisan. com.
Bar sofa: Futurama, 446 NLa Brea Ave. , L. A. (323)937-4522.
Fabric: premium voile fabric (
Color: Champagne).
International silk and wool hotel 8347 Beverly Avenue. , L. A. (323)653-6453.
Floor and desk lamp: zipper, 8316 W. 3rd St. , L. A. (323)951-9190.
Restaurant: chairs in Barcelona, gray table in Irene.
Blueprint for 8366 Beverly Avenue. , L. A. (323)653-2439.
Zebra carpet: Felix carpet, 657La Brea Ave. , L. A. (323)932-
Carpet at Sbcglobal 8881 or ferfax. net.
Sconces: Lighting Fair, 647La Brea Ave. , L. A. (323)938-6026.
Asian Table: located in the middle of the restaurant.
Tenons and tenons, 446 S. La Brea Ave. , L. A. (323)937-7654. Landscape-
Flower Designer: Fountain be Vagel, 6521 Fountain Avenue. , L. A. (323)468-8899 or www.
. com. *(
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LuminousImago may sound like Shakespeare\'s character, but it\'s an innovative product created by Noel. --
\"Fabric stuck with resin\", as Nikki Sanov of Santa Monica Knoll Textiles said, \"This is a replacement for decorative glass . \".
\"The light plays with the texture of the laminate and textile, projecting the pattern effect of the starting light.
Not only can it be used as a panel ,(
As in Table 8, right)
But for lamps and lanterns, in partitions, windows, ceilings, shower doors and cabinets.
It has 12 35 color patterns that are custom made for $10 to $40 per square foot.
Noel showroom: 214 Wilshire Avenue. , Santa Monica.
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