Dr. Mark Rea Kicks Off the 2019 LRC Summit: Shape the Future of Lighting


Shape the Future of Lighting is the theme of the 2019 LRC Summit.  Dr. Mark Rea offered the opening statement and he reminded the audience of the Bridges in Light Symposium that the LRC held in 2003. At that symposium, he and Govi Rao, President and Chief Executive Officer of Noveda Technologies, cautioned the industry about the upcoming transformation.  It was interesting that about 12 people in the audience attended the 2003 event.  Today Rea congratulated the industry for a 10x reduction in energy and that the lighting industry has probably done more than any other industry to save energy.  He then asked the audience what is next.

Rea stated that today LED’s cost ½ cent, fixtures are approaching 200 lumens per watt and they can last for 20 years.  He again asked the audience, “What is next?  What will take us to the next 50 years?”  He explained that the industry is similar to the movie Mad Max and many companies are hurting. But he also stated that some companies are doing well and those are the ones that have gone back to the basics and focus on quality and personal relationships.  He also discussed the importance of research and academia and there is less research now than in the past.  Further he emphasized the importance of government and working together with industry and he cited TVA brining power to the Southeast as an example.

Rea stated, “We do a great job of talking to each other and we give awards to each other, but we need to talk to more people outside of lighting.”  He also discussed the real value of lighting, beyond energy savings and cited non-pharma benefits for Alzheimer’s patients using light.

The Summit will focus on three areas:  Lighting for Healthcare and the Humanity, Agriculture Lighting and Lighting and the Grid. It will conclude on Thursday with a discussion led by Govi Rao to try to find a roadmap going forward.

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