diversions : night lights : want to know your way around neon art? just hop on bus and follow signs

by:Merttace     2019-11-29
Not everyone takes the neon art museum seriously for a night bus cruise in Los Angeles-at first.
But if it doesn\'t surprise the skeptics, it\'s bold and not only provides another way to look at familiar attractions, it also offers a culture about Chinatown, the city center, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.
Inner hippies and art lovers may think they are a part of them, but those who have a tendency to be yuppie will also be welcomed: mineral water, wine and cheese are served and the Gray Line bus is comfortable.
Even the name has the meaning of moving up: It\'s a bus cruise, not a bus tour.
Even before arriving at the museum on Traction Avenue-
Not far from Union Station and City Hall--
The outing is full of adventure.
After all, it\'s in the city center after dark.
But there are a lot of activities around the museum. people hang out outside and some people enjoy the exhibits inside.
Depart at about 7: 30. m.
First stop: Chinatown.
Along the way, tour guide Betty Vic gave her some information about how neon lights work and how economical it is to use it (
It burns 50 to 75 years)
And shows examples of how to use it to create some impressive attentiongrabbing signs.
At Broadway\'s Chinatown Mall, Vic points out the neon lights of the jumping Louis restaurant, formerly the Golden Tower, on the National Register of Historic Places.
Other notable signs are the Buddha and the \"sincere gift\" logo, which Vic says was installed in the 1940 s and has been glowing since then.
\"On 1929, the first neon sign in Los Angeles stopped traffic at Packard dealers in La Brea and Wilshire.
What more ads can the owner ask?
At the age of 30 and 40-
Vick called it \"the film Age of Neon Lights \"---
Marquis of the theater was illuminated by gorgeous neon lights. L. A.
The first movie area was on Broadway, where the premiere included Charlie Chaplin\'s \"The Light of the city\" and El Jolson\'s \"Jazz Singer\".
A long time ago, when the bus was driving along the street, many were abandoned by \"Hollywood\" and many Marquis were dark but had familiar names: Palace, Roxie, Cameo
The neon lights have long disappeared from Sid Grauman\'s Million Dollar Theater, which opened in 1917 as the first theater built for the film.
The neon lights that still shine on Broadway belong to the Orpheum Theater.
The logo now advertises \"Ninja Turtles II\" in Spanish \". The neon-
After World War II, the bright business became dim, and somewhere along the way, the bad names of campy and gaudy almost doused the bright business.
Glendale and Pasadena passed regulations in 60 and 70 years to eliminate neon lights in their cities, Vick said.
One of the purposes of museums and tours is to display neon lights as a historical art form that can attract attention and imagination.
A good example of neon art works that can turn a relatively gentle bus-
Polite passengers in awe
What struck the audience was Michael Hayden\'s \"cylindrical generator,\" which starts to act when the noise activates the computer
Generate animation.
The work is installed under the prominent section outside the jewelry center opposite Pershing Square and is a public work
Art installations.
It is built to meet the requirements of a city, that is, 1% of the cost of new buildings is spent on public art.
Hayden also held a popular \"Sky Limit\" event at Chicago O\'Hare International Airport.
Take a bus from the city center to Beverly Hills, stop by La cienfeld and Wilshire driving in Dolo
After 50 years in the sat exam, Unite and save now. Museum co-
The founder, Lily Lach, thought of driving.
When she met the interior designer of the bank at the art reception.
\"I said to him, \'Would it be great to pay tribute to dollo\'
In design?
\"This sentence led to a committee and an eye of Lakich --
Capture neon sculptures, including the fender of the actual Chevrolet Bel Air, neon lights that bend to simulate the steam generated by coffee cups, counter stools, and other drives --
Related parts
A small hole in the back blocked the Transformers.
The sculpture was hung on the wall behind the teller, originally sterile, and it had such a big impact that the bank commissioned another neon sculpture for its Brentwood branch.
\"The customer will definitely find it unique to the environment,\" said Felicia Eaton, operations officer, grinning.
A tour from Beverly Hills requires a line that rejects what can be called neon lights.
Vic says Melrose Avenue used to be just a way from one side of the city to the other.
But neon has gained new life in the area, along with trendy restaurants, shops and hangouts.
\"Melrose Avenue proves that neon lights are being used more and more,\" said Sonja Yanoviak, assistant curator of the museum . \".
\"It came out of the back of plastic,\" she said, a popular technology that coincides with the plastic boom in her 60 s.
For example, many of McDonald\'s arches are covered with plastic neon lights.
Cruise along the Hollywood Highway and the last stop is the Museum of Contemporary Art, Temple and Alameda Street.
Onlookers will be curious about the people standing in the corner, their heads shaking side by side violently.
However, this action is quite innocent.
The campaign allows people to see the full effect of Bill Bell\'s light pole, which looks more like a vertical bug during the day --killer strip.
The logo shows the Museum of Contemporary Art.
So the bus unloaded some suppression to see the idea
Incredible phenomenon
The museum is 10 years old this year, and according to Lakich, who has been a neon artist for 25 years, it is the only such museum in the world.
\"For a while, if you call yourself a neon artist, it\'s like a dirty name.
\"Things are changing now,\" she said . \"
\"The artists were killed before and they couldn\'t grow without getting feedback.
Lakich added: \"The museum has three or four exhibitions per year and new art is always needed.
\"Because we are here, there is an information forum about neon lights, technology and artists,\" Yanoviak added . \".
\"Neon Art Museum, 704 Traction Avenue.
Los Angeles is open daily except Monday.
Tickets to the museum are $2. 50.
Tickets are $35 including dim sum.
For information about the summer bus cruise, please call the museum (213)617-0274.
At the beginning of 1900, French chemist George Claude invented an electrode to preserve gas for a long time in glass pipes.
The result is a basic component of neon lights.
* How it works: the gas is sealed in a glass tube and the current flows through the gas from the electrode, stimulating the gas and making it glow.
* What\'s inside: the word neon is a general term for this form of light-
This is also a misnomer.
The orange neon light is just one of the gases that inject transparency, color, or phosphorus
Glass coated tube.
Neon and argon Mercury (
Bright Blue)
It is the most commonly used gas in commercial signs;
Such as argon (lavender), helium (peach), krypton (silvery-white)and xenon (blue).
* Where is its color: any combination of these three colors will affect the color: the color of the glass, the color of the gas, the color of the phosphorus coating inside the glass. (
Bright orange gas in Ruby
The red tube will produce red.
Orange, while bright orange gas in neon-blue phosphor-
The coating tube will produce pink. )
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