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DETROIT-a long time ago. k. a.
The car city is the birthplace of the car city, is a sparkling gem on the glittering crown of the American industrial and industrial city.
The high-rise buildings prove the hardworking citizens and the prosperous economy.
The streets of the tree-lined downtown residential area are lined
There are houses and huge elegant mansions.
Since the 1950 s, the auto industry has been shrinking, violent riots and courts --
White flight is a powerful economic vacuum that draws many middle-class and upper-class residents to the suburbs.
Detroit is better known for its terrible city woes than cars.
As a result, many of the historic houses in the original district of the city center are in a state of desperation that has been neglected and disrepaired.
In the 1970 s and 80 s, poverty and drugs took the highest place in many parts of the city, making housing prices in Detroit\'s most elegant urban communities plunge to an astonishing low.
The glorious days of Detroit seem to have passed.
Although the auto industry continues to languish, the turn of the century to the center of the Detroit law and its surrounding areas has brought about a slow but stable economic transformation and urban renewal.
There are new stadiums, three casinos and the ongoing revitalization of the city\'s riverside.
Once swank but long-closed hotels are reopened, many historic houses and mansions are ripe to pick up compared to most other city centers and can now be snapped up for a dollar
Attention of savvy shoppers.
Photo source: femaletrumpet02india village, one of the oldest and best villages in Detroit
The well-preserved historic neighborhood is located just 3 miles from downtown Detroit.
The streets of the closely connected community are lined with elegance and good
A maintenance home like the Ford honeymoon cottage, currently priced at $499,000, is about the equivalent of a studio apartment in a decent concierge building in Manhattan.
Image source: Donna Barlow/SKBK Sotheby\'s International Real Estate
Built in a double home
Previously owned by Edsel and Eleanor Ford of the Ford Motor dynasty. The 3-
The story house is just over 5,000 square feet, including 6 bedrooms and 3 rooms.
5 bathrooms and 29-
Foot length, Windows wrapped in the living room, with original hardwood floors and a fireplace surrounded by huge carved wood.
Photo source: The updated house of Donna Barlow/SKBK Sotheby\'s International Real Estate has a modern style kitchen that includes the original features of the house, such as a fridge cabinet with a wall
The listing information also indicates that the roof is new and the heating and cooling systems are new.
Photo source: Donna Barlow/SKBK Sotheby\'s International Real Estate, at least 3.
5 bathrooms retain the retro charm of honey
Bee tile floors, white subway tiles on the walls, porcelain soaking bathtubs, separate showers, and sink with double basin bases.
Photo source: Donna Barlow/SKBK Sotheby\'s International Real Estate has countless options for entertainment and relaxation in the backyard
The horizontal terrace extends from the back of the House and the broad grass on the side is large enough to accommodate the pool.
Not surprisingly, there is a large car court and independent 4-considering the source of the House-
Garage behind the hotel.
Photo: Donna Barlow/SKBK Southby International RealtyJust a few blocks away from the history and private Detroit Golf Club, a charming, Tudor of the 1930 s is about 3,300 square feet, month House month.
5 bathrooms are priced at $219,000.
Traditional 20% down payment, over $1,000 per month, well below itty bitty, crappy 2-
Bedroom apartment in the center of most cities.
Image source: Edward Baolin/real estate one interior space includes a large living room with bay windows, wood burning fireplace and refurbished hardwood floors, formal dining room, sun porch and dining-in kitchen.
Many of the original details are still intact, such as glass windows with lead.
Photo source: Edward bowling/real estate one until recently, near Bush Park, used to be home to some hoitier in Detroit
Type of Toity, epidemic and ock-a-
Blocks full of deteriorating mansions.
In recent years, a new wave of urban pioneers has entered the neighborhood, restoring many exquisite Victorian-style buildings.
Transform crumbling buildings into luxury apartments.
A conversion like this contains a 3-
Stories from 1890 to 2,500 square feet brownstone. ft.
Asking for $179,000.
Photo source: Edward Bowlin/real estate has 3 bedrooms and 2 rooms in total.
25 bathrooms, brand new gourmet kitchen, 2-
The car garage with extra rooms, private courtyard and balcony on the 3rd th floor offer great views of the city.
The listing information indicates that brownstone is offered as a short sale, so the buyer may need some patience.
Photo source: Edward Baolin/real estate at the top of the downtown real estate scene is a stately colonial style mansion with a direct front on the Detroit law River for $700,000.
About 6,000 square meters. ft.
The residence is three stories high, with an elegant row of 8 pillars extending to the width of the front porch and three Gothic dormers with arched windows sticking out from the roof.
Photo credit: real estate from coast to coast via realtor.
ComListing information shows that the grand residence, which retains many original details, contains 6 bedrooms and 5 rooms.
5 bathrooms, a huge 37-
Foot length living room with wood burning fireplace, large dining room and finished basement space with area of 2,000 square feet. ft.
Living space.
Photo credit: real estate from coast to coast via realtor.
The apatose fantasy French Regency building, located in a sprawling and luxurious landscape three-wide lot near the ideal and historic Indian village, was built by renowned architect Luis camper in 1909, the current price is $649,995.
Photo source: Happy San Diego/residence Unlimited this very dignified residence covers an area of about 9,300 square feet. ft.
Including a style entrance hall that impressed the guests, with a mosaic tile floor inside, a Greek key pattern on the edge, and a delicate one, edsel Ford gave the crystal chandelier to the original owner of the house, and his previous house also happened to be sold and discussed earlier.
Photo source: With the exception of 7 bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms and 2 half bathrooms, the happy San Diego/residence is not restricted and the mansion contains several reception rooms, it includes a formal living room with a beautifully decorated marble fireplace and a formal dining room that showcases some of the family\'s more detailed styling and complex plasterboard.
Photo source: Joy Santiago/Dwelling unlimit\'s coveted historic Indian village community the biggest opportunity to make money on the market right now is a short fat 6 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms.
5 brick-built colonies with about 4,500 square feet. ft.
And a cheap basement for $185,000.
Although the asking price is surprisingly low, listing information shows that the property is not short selling.
The rich houses built in 1911 include 30-
Foot length living room with fireplace, formal dining room, solarium, dining-
In the kitchen, there is also a master suite with a living room.
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