design tricks for a small living room

by:Merttace     2020-04-13
Choosing furniture to lift your legs is a clever way to deceive your eyes
The more ground space you can see, the larger the room will be.
The problem with the average small living room is congestion and cramps.
This is a small space, usually dominated by a TV stand, side by side sofa arrangement, clutter and lack of light.
To keep yourself away from this squeezed, uncomfortable environment, you have to give up packing your single functional furniture and decor.
In order for it to be correct, you may have to change your entire living room setting;
However, if you don\'t have the right design skills, rearranging the furniture with all your time and energy will only be a great exercise. Get some tips. . .
Furniture selection for this project
Debris should have legs.
Choosing a wing-back chair, a small segmented sofa, a coffee table on the bench and raised legs is a clever way to fool your eyes by allowing you to see more floor space, the bigger the room will be.
So avoid using furniture with a skirt, where possible, and have your eyes brush under each item to get a barrier-free view of the floor.
Transparent accessories make effective use of your space by using versatile furniture such as foot pads and coffee tables with extra shelves.
This principle also applies to glass and vision.
Make your eyes move freely in your items through coffee or end tables and catch a glimpse of more floors.
Such a limited space means that dual multi-functional accessories must be adopted
This eliminates the addition of a single-
Function Block, take-
There is enough ground space.
Stylish coffee and console tables with tiered shelves or single dismount make it easy to store and display books and magazines.
Other options include furniture with doors and drawers.
These are neat hiding places, as are ottoman (
Hidden storage)
Double as a side table and chair.
To open your space, match cool color values with a warm accent.
Color selection neutral tones is a good starting point as you can use them to extend into the cool tones needed to zoom in on the small living room.
The pastel shades themselves are there, but they are still beautiful enough as part of your decor.
So anything using butter cream and pink blush series, Blue-greys, blue-
White and Green.
To get rid of a completely cold and sterile look, the warmer, brighter color values are introduced into the room using accent carpets and mats.
Proudly Present the inherited statues, books and other living rooms
On cabinets and shelves.
Another useful tip to keep in mind is that small living areas benefit from three or less palettes.
Try to keep your three for a beautiful result
Avoid any strong contrast.
Not everything can be packed in trendy little baskets and decorative racks.
Sometimes something needs to be proudly displayed, such as the inherited statue, the designer candle holder, and the exotic beach.
You \'d better put these and other living room items in the building.
On cabinets and shelves.
With the help of professionals, you can actually have a custom niche on the wall.
This is also perfect for flat panel TVs as it can be mounted on the wall and enter the groove.
The TV and cable are neatly collected and you will have more space to plan the decoration.
When it comes to decoration, lighting selection lighting is everything, all your efforts will be good design without it.
Decorate the windows on the airy curtains and make the most of the natural light.
You can immediately boost the mood and feel of the room by simply pulling these things back and letting the light flood in.
Just pull your antiques back and let the light flood in to instantly enhance the atmosphere and feel of the room.
Unfortunately, not all living rooms have enough natural light to bring them to life, so use mirrors and furniture with metal surfaces to capture any light to produce a similar effect.
Use a floor lamp to illuminate a dark corner.
Introducing them into your interior space means that you can use a desk lamp without a table.
This is also a clever way to emphasize vertical lines.
This is the same principle used in fashion
Weight loss with vertical stripes.
Floor lamps, tall vases and full length curtains are some of the decorative pieces you can use to deceive your eyes into thinking that you have more space than you actually do.
Dimmable led, wall light and desk lamp are ideal for small living rooms.
These are practical options that provide enough warmth for any small space you need.
Late design techniques for a small living room in Katlego SekanoThe first appeared on a Property sold in the Philippines: Property 24.
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