desert dreams! interior designers share their picks from amazon’s boho-inspired home collection

by:Merttace     2020-04-08
Coachella may be over, but if you can still immerse yourself in the boho dream by creating the desert --
Life space full of inspiration.
Amazon has collected products from the entire site, curated a series of desert decorations full of rustic shades and southwest directions --
Inspiration mode.
To help you find the best work for your own home, we asked interior designer Sarah Barnard, who focuses on smart design projects that focus on healthy living, New York-
Headquartered in Sharon Rembaum, the focus of its work is global-
The influence of modern style, share their preferred.
From patterned pillows and textured lights to chunky stools and cactus wall art, these stylish
But affordable
The work is the perfect choice to create a bohemian oasis in your home.
Rivet diamond cut concrete desk lamp, $59.
\"Classic, sculptural, functional,\" says BUYSharon.
Great room in any room.
The concrete base adds lovely texture to keep it relaxed.
It\'s neutral to like it, everything is OK.
Kate sarah said: \"Kate and Laurel have a round table coffee table for $199, which is simple and practical.
The neat lines add subtle architectural form to the space.
Ink Ivy embroidered pillow for $32.
BUYSarah said: \"embroidered abstract decorative pillows have warm gray and golden tones, providing a good contrast element in the space.
\"Kate and Laurel Sylvie cactus frame canvas mural, $49.
I like real plants.
I also like their statements.
Bringing a natural and healthy life to your interior is one of my specialties and I find Kate and Laurel Sylvie cactus prints both fresh and fun in mint and pink.
\"Modernica ceramic large Bowl planters, click $260 and BUYSharon said:\" I love the olive green ceramic and wood combination of this planters.
I also like the low and wide size of the plantation owner. [This]
Fleshy or leafy plants look great and add warmth and interest to any room.
Standard chair, $306.
Click on the purchase salon and say: \"I love this Jean Prouve remake.
It is both practical and durable, and it is also a sculpture.
I like the combination of natural wood and dark wood.
It would look great to have a black table.
Thirty stone round coasters, $19. 97 (30% off)
BUYSarah said: \"The thirsty stone with round marble coasters is simple and elegant.
I always remind my clients to protect their new furniture with coasters. It’s worth it!
Mkono glass hanging tray, $12. 59 (37% off)
Click on BUYSarah and say: \"tillandsia, aka air plants, is a great way to bring life into a space that may be unfriendly to water.
Air plants do not need soil and can stay alive by soaking in the sink once a week.
Hanging planters can thrive in any sunny spot.
I recommend air plants as an easy way to have a little natural in every room.
South Cone Bed & Breakfast, Danish recliner, $380.
\"I like the frame on this chair, especially the walnut finish,\" said BUYSharon.
It looks very comfortable and elegant, but at the same time it also has a relaxed invitation feeling.
It looks cute if the pillow has texture or adds color.
$11 basket of natural sea grass.
99 click on BUYSarah to say: \"The natural seaweed storage basket will provide great storage space for laundry, potted plants or anything that needs a quick hideout.
Avery buffet, $1,221 (6% off)
Click on the purchase salon and say: \"The smooth lines and combinations of walnuts and dark gray wood make this buffet a great addition to the living room or dining room.
Carved wooden doors and carved legs make it elegant and interesting and have enough space to store.
$192 Cortesi Home Remini coffee table.
Click on the purchase salon and say: \"Black and brass are such an elegant winning combination.
Clean lines and brass details on the top make this coffee table a winner.
If a bigger coffee table is needed, one or two will look great side by side.
Deco 79 wooden stack stool, $231. 65 (7% off)
Click on BUYSharon and say: \"It looks great, like a table next to a chair or sofa, or a few stools in the living room.
The shape and texture of the room adds warmth and interest to the room, giving a bohemian feeling of relaxation.
Kardiel leisure chair, $369 click on BUYSarah said: \"There is a curve in the modern leisure chair of the plywood, which makes people think of a bird flying.
I like the bright white oak and rose pink textile to match perfectly.
$113 metal floor lamp in Bloomingville.
Click on the purchase salon and say: \"[This is a]
For the living room next to the armchair, the sofa or the bedroom next to the armchair, this is a great work.
Reminds me of a Serge Mouille lamp with a sculpture angle.
The combination of black and brass is warm and elegant. \'DailyMail.
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