decorating a vintage dining room - vintage interior design ideas

by:Merttace     2020-05-14
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The retro restaurant can be cheerful or formal.
This is a place where you can attend a grand dinner, but you can also use it to add a touch of elegance to your daily routine.
You can bring some antiques or go to the garage for sale and fix what you find.
You can still add your personality to the room and have it blend with the rest of your house.
The vintage restaurant can really add personality to the new house or you can highlight which era your house was built.
Then go to a vintage room or shabby chic design.
Today-™The living room of S is not as formal as the old-fashioned environment.
This means you may want a restaurant that you can use every day.
So, look for a vintage furniture that can give air to 40 years old.
You might even want to use furniture that used to be in an old-fashioned kitchen instead of a restaurant.
This will have a less grand outline that will work well for a smaller space.
You can then take the theme home with a very retro thing like a graphic tablecloth that doesn\'t cost a lot of money to convey your theme.
The retro restaurant does not need to be sultry or mix and match materials such as antique light fixtures, faux silk curtains and damask fabrics. .
You can find stools, benches and wooden chairs that don\'t match and paint them in pastel colors such as pink or green.
Highlight with interesting colored sweets in the jar and glass cakes on the table, waiting for the tea party.
To make the walls more modern, add silver foil to the tray ceiling to show the building.
You can paint the walls in a vintage style with slate blue or tan, and the edges are a bit masculine.
You can mix and match your vintage furniture to really create your own personal style that won\'t be too formal to actually use.
Start by applying any brass or gold in the room, even if it\'s on a chair, chandelier or photo frame.
Decorate the ivory buffet in gold.
Use plush padded chairs around painted dining tables.
Choose a completely different fabric and style for the captain chair sitting at the desk head and foot.
You can also beautify the wood floor by painting or dyeing decorative borders around the edges.
It may be as complicated as a Greek key, or it may just be a few pinstripes on the edge of the room.
This touch will hardly be noticed, but it will help to focus and show the best features in the room.
If the retro restaurant is too formal for you, then keep the overall feeling of elegance, but introduce your own personality like the retro bathroom design or any other room in the house.
You can replace the Oriental carpet with zebra striped carpet.
If you don\'t have a delicate look in your room, paint them.
If you don\'t want a sculpture, then use a graphic wall sticker to mimic the sculpture, but it will increase your interest in the wall.
If your restaurant needs a new life, paint it with black enamel.
You can then bring your favorite modern colors like green lime or pink.
Even with crystal chandeliers, this would never be the restaurant for your grandma.
There is no buffet and the furniture of the retro restaurant is incomplete.
You can paint an old piece of paint in bright white to make it look modern.
There is barware on the top, mixed with crystal and silver plated sheet.
Then add the glass lights and it still looks modern if they have bubbles on them, keeping the room looking bright and bright.
For the charm of Hollywood, look for a glass and mirror in an elegant room;
Be sure to leave your fingerprints behind.
For a more whimsical restaurant, it would be fun to put wallpaper in front of the buffet.
Each drawer can be a different pattern;
Keep the same style and color series.
Wallpaper is very popular in retro design, but if it feels too formal, don\'t use it on the wall, but be creative.
Retro garden decoration will make you feel comfortable and pleasant in the restaurant.
If you have a small kitchen corner as a restaurant, find an iron bistro.
If you find one that looks like a lotus flower and will have an antique charm, you can also create a whimsical look.
Look for Queen Anne style dining table to add a formal atmosphere to the space.
Put everything including the Wall on bright white.
Bring a crystal chandelier, add sparks and add a silver accent.
You can warm up the space with a tan or ivory color.
This is a contemporary look that still focuses on the curves and carvings of retro design.
This is a transitional room that allows you to get old and new married.
For a real retro restaurant you will want to use rich wood and metal.
You can also apply cranberry or eggplant to the walls to create a dramatic atmosphere.
Pink is also a common color in this decorative style.
Use rose tones with ivory furniture or black accessories so it doesn\'t turn into a restaurant that Barbie dreams.
The retro style restaurant should have a rich atmosphere.
If you don\'t have a lot of architectural features in your room, then you can add them yourself.
Bring an oversized chandelier that looks like a candle holder.
Beautifully decorated buffet and oversized mirror.
This will make your room Art Deco.
Look for cushion chairs with floral patterns or velvet.
Use neutral tones such as Tan and Terracotta Warriors to make the room modern.
Dark wood adds a rich feeling to the room.
The silk curtains add a rich atmosphere to the room.
Whether you\'re inspired by vintage garden decor, you can create a vintage restaurant of your dreams, or you can\'t afford a new table, and you have an old fashioned restaurant.
It\'s a gorgeous look, but you can get it with a little bit of elbow grease and ingenuity.
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