decor trends: unexpected hues set to take over your home in 2017

by:Merttace     2020-05-14
2017 may be the beginning of a cold wave, but in the room everything is done to feel bright and airy.
\"There is a direction towards a lighter, more optimistic interior design,\" said Johanna urujavi, creative director at West Elm . \".
\"We are moving from pure interior design to layered, more personalized spaces.
Although our new modern look is clean and bright, it has a personality.
\"While the minimalist charm of the previous seasons will undoubtedly remain popular, home decor experts say we will see more colors and prints than in recent seasons.
\"2017 will be an interesting year for colors in interior design,\" \"We see deep, dark and moody colors. ”“(It’s)
\"Its name is fresh, bright and real,\" Lambert explained . \".
While Green looks like a tricky color that fits seamlessly into your existing decor, Lambert says it\'s not as difficult as you\'re worried about.
Especially if you have been following the design trends of popular gray, white and marble --everything.
\"I think it is safe to say that most people\'s home decorations are neutral --
The walls and white, gray and gray, the dark blue, brown or black color of the sofa and other furniture, \"she said.
\"The trick to bringing energy and life to neutral families is to inject persistent organic contaminants of color and pattern.
Don\'t splash out with the whole room, or even a colored wall, consider adding accent furniture in exciting shades to inject new life into your space.
Anne Pearson, owner of the Vancouver hotel, said: \"I think people still see the surroundings but they are willing to take morerisks away from the all black/white/gray and blond wood palettes
Featured home decor stores in Vancouver.
\"The lines are still the same, but it\'s refreshing to see bright yellow or pink.
This \"pop music\" can come from something as small as throwing a pillow or something as big as a spreading part.
\"I usually extract a complementary color from soft furniture --
Pillows, curtains, carpets
This color is then injected into the selected furniture and other home decoration items around the room, \"Lambert said.
\"It\'s a perfect way to decorate, so --
Called \"color ads\" because they don\'t promise to paint bold colors on the wall.
She said the scene-
The color method is also a good choice when the trend changes (
Like they always do.
There is a bold new hue for you to introduce into your home (
You might).
\"All you have to do is bring some new pillows, change some selection of decorative items, and maybe re-
\"Draw a piece of furniture,\" said Lambert . \".
For those who wish to completely avoid color changes, consider introducing new textures, metallic tones, or graphic prints into your living space.
\"I think we will see a very detailed building, velvet, stainless steel and silver,\" Pearson said . \". (
While we\'re talking about metal, the rose gold and copore are over, Pearson said. ”)
One of the design themes we expect 2017 is marble.
But its scope will change this year.
\"The trend over the past year or so is to use it on small accessories or tiles, but I look forward to seeing it on a larger scale,\" Pearson said . \".
She points to the Plinth coffee table on the Scandinavian home decor brand menu as a bigger example of this
Right with marble.
In addition to the larger size, Uurasjarvisaid shoppers should expect to see multi-functional materials mix and match with other finishes and fixtures in surprising new ways.
\"The progress in design allows us to imagine new forms and new uses of materials,\" she explained . \".
\"2017, we explore ways to mix marble with new materials and finishes to make everyday items more refined and fun, just like our silhouette table, it carries a piece of Indian marble plate with natural changes and wraps it up with its hands
Rotate the metal on antique brass finishes.
She said that the mix of wood and marble is forming a huge style story --
Especially when the two come together.
\"We\'re excited about wood too --
\"Marble is made of stone with a texture like wood, with a cone on the top and a delicate bottom, perfect for nesting together, and a smaller space,\" Shesaid said . \".
As for wall decoration, don\'t put those forever-
The walls of the gallery are still increasing.
They came here to live, says tuousjawi. in a big way.
\"Gallery wall installation is one of the most popular services requested by all of our store style Services Department, and she said that the wall shows carefully arranged photos and prints of various shapes and sizes, beautiful (
And often geometric)way.
\"It\'s a great way for our customers to express their personal style at home --
Whether it\'s through personal photos, their favorite artists, or discovering an emerging artist from our collection.
\"Stay in time, space, cash or . . . . . . All the above?
Uurasjarvi recommends looking for a single item that can make an important statement in your home.
\"The chandelier or pendant changes the look and feel of the room and you will never go wrong,\" she said . \".
What about the best part?
The time required to install a light fixture is relatively small and will not cause confusion.
Now, it\'s a win-win for home decorwin.
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