chandeliers: the top 5 must-see palatial lighting fixtures

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Whether it\'s from natural sources such as Windows or humans, most great rooms are described in their size, grandeur and light
Such as the impact of lamp manufacturing.
Throughout history, chandeliers have been used to add etiquette and wealth to palaces, museums and foyer around the world.
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See chandeliers from all over the world. 1.
The Victoria and Albert museums in London are known for their intricate glass sculptures.
When his best-known work hangs in the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas and the chihuli gardens and glass Hall in Seattle, one of his lesser-known masterpieces is the circular chandelier at the entrance to the Victoria and Albert museums in London, England.
V & A, because it is affectionately known as the host 30-foot, blue-and-green, glass-
Blow chandelier completed in 2001. 2.
The list of chandeliers outside the Palace of Versailles, the Palace of Versailles, ParisNo will be complete, without the obvious but equally magnificent chandelier options in the Palace of Versailles mirror Hall.
The palace\'s Highlight Room features 357 mirrors, 17 glass doors, marble walls and ceiling paintings, but its chandelier is the most charming of its many features.
17 large chandeliers and 26 smaller ones, each made of solid silver, hold about 1,000 candles in total.
Today, the chandeliers use electric lights, but it is easy to see that the chandeliers are a powerful symbol of elegance and luxury, and still so. 3.
The chandeliers at the Metropolitan Hotel in Las Vegas are few cities known for being overcrowded. the-
Top rich like Las Vegas, this decadent need a lot of sparks.
Although there are many traditional preferences, our favorite choice is the chandelier, bar and nightlife concept of the Cosmopolitan Hotel.
The chandelier is like this: a huge chandelier, located in the middle of the hotel, has a different look on each floor.
The bottom of the chandelier is the meeting place and casino bar, the interior of the chandelier offers cocktail cocktails, and the top of the chandelier provides a lounge area for revelers to overlook the floor below through a row of crystals. 4.
The Cathedral of St. Sophia, the casino istanbulse and the palace are obvious to them, and many places of religious worship use chandeliers for lighting, decoration and ceremony.
The chandelier was originally placed in the Cathedral of St. Sophia, Fort Istanbul, the capital of Turkey, for candles and oil lamps. Built in 532-
537 as a Christian church, the building was converted into a mosque in 1453 and a central chandelier and various chandeliers surrounding it were added in 1847.
The mosque was transformed into a museum in the 1930 s, so anyone can visit it and enjoy Christian and Muslim art. 5.
Escher in the Palace, The Hague, and most visitors to the Netherlands Escher in The Het Paleis (
Escher in the Palace)
Do a trip and explore the work of M. C.
Escher, the artist uses visual illusion and perspective in his fantasy art work.
In addition to showing almost all the works of Dutch artists, the palace also shows Rotterdam-
Artist Hans van Bentham
Consistent with the surrealism and sensational themes of Escher\'s work, contemporary chandeliers are hung in shape.
This includes sharks, spiders, seahorses and attack --
Come down and open the umbrella.
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