Can wall light fittings sample charge be refunded if order is placed?
Many wall light fittings sample charges are refundable in the event the order is confirmed. Please be certain that Zhongshan Merttace Lighting Co.,Ltdconsistently offers you the best advantages. Please contact our customer support section to get a sample of this product and request the sample fee. Thanks for your attention to Merttace branded products.

Merttace Lighting, regarded as an indispensable provider, has been a preferred choice of designing and manufacturing contemporary floor lamps. pendant lamp is the main product of Merttace Lighting. It is diverse in variety. pendant lamp has high luminous efficiency, low power consumption and excellent energy-saving performance. Moreover, the gloss is well-proportioned without light spots, and the light effect is good. Some customers say when they use it to serve food, their guests love so much of its detailed beauty and translucent glaze over embossed patterns. It is less prone to attract insects when lighting.

Hopefully, our modern lamps will be successful in reaching out to the world. Get more info!
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