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by:Merttace     2020-04-02
Rich red and deep maroons are important elements to offset Gold in Arabic culture
Brown tones of natural terrain.
The Arabic decoration is characterized by the complex decoration, the play of light and color, and the intoxicating perfume.
If you are tired of keeping up with contemporary trends within the home, why not bring a new twist to your living room by incorporating the Arabic theme?
Use this style guide to bring the sights, sounds, colors and even smells of desert land into your home.
Majlis has a typical living room set up in traditional Arabic families and spaces, and Majlis is the place where members gather to talk, dine and hang out on Sheesha\'s puffs
Change your living room environment completely by choosing Parliament.
This involves throwing away your couch and instead placing the seat on the mat on the floor.
Use colorful mats and throws
Comfortable pillows.
Star center-
Think about the Arabic decoration. The first thing to think about is the carpet.
Invest in Turkish, Persian or Ottoman carpets, which will be the immediate Center-
Part of your room
Even if you decide to transform your decor style into a contemporary style, its classic charm applies.
However, educate yourself to recognize the real hand
Make carpets and how to handle them.
Colorful Mosaic lights decorate your room with exquisite colored glass lights.
Bring the feel of the Moroccan streets to your home, which promises to win the admiration of your guests.
These small lights can be hung in groups in different locations around the room to create a comfortable, warm and colorful hue.
The Arabic culture of the room divider is a complex decoration, and the room divider is an important part of the Arab family and is a good example.
These screens, designed with exquisite floral or geometric patterns and wood, are a great way to separate room space.
Using fairy lighting at the back of the screen will have wonderful effects at night.
Making it one of the outstanding features of the Arab environment is the unmistakable Arabic fragrance.
Inject the aroma of the desert into your home with a natural room
Refreshing agents such as Ruxiang.
Derived from Omani native Ruxiang tree, the gum burns and gives an exciting fragrance.
Alternatively, you can use Bukhoor/Oud, a piece of wood soaked with sesame oil and resin.
They were lit on a clay boat called Majmar.
Say Marhaban with qahwa and welcome your guests with a glass of qahwa
Traditional Arabic coffee with a plate of dates.
Thick, bitter black coffee, considered very healthy, is usually served in a qahwa Cup.
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