black, turquoise brightens decor

by:Merttace     2019-11-27
Neither too feminine nor too masculine decoration is Amacon\'s inspiration for the black and blue-green theme of Elle apartment model suites in Mississauga. The 31-
Storita is located near Plaza One shopping center and the Center for the arts of life. it combines fashion and drama.
Paul Davies of Tanner Hill Associates in Toronto said: \"We want to use a piece of turquoise with black to illuminate the decoration . \" He designed the suite.
Turquoise Catches You and adds vitality to your decor.
The window fabric we chose was the beginning of the theme.
It has a neutral and charcoal background, but Turquoise runs through it.
\"A black wooden frame above the sofa depicts turquoise skies and water, and the entire suite also uses burnt orange tones.
The distance between the kitchen, dining room and living room is very close, which means that the decoration must look seamless.
Each area is defined by furniture, such as an area rug for a dining table or living room.
The reduced size furniture makes the space appear larger and is ideal for the apartment.
For example, three-
The seat sofa is smaller than the normal one, but we don\'t want to go to two seats.
\"Otherwise people might think the area is small,\" he said . \".
\"The chair in the restaurant has an open back and there is a glass countertop on the coffee table so you can see the carpet below.
\"These are more ways to visually expand space.
We used the wall.
\"The installed lights, instead of occupying space with floor and desk lamps,\" Davis said . \".
The restaurant has a chandelier similar to alabaster.
\"This is really not.
\"Describe it so that even if it\'s in the center of the area, it won\'t take up much visual space,\" Davis said . \".
\"So if you look at the whole room in the kitchen, there is no huge chandelier blocking your view.
It is very slim and simple, but adds a rich feeling to the room.
\"There is a long granite breakfast bar in the kitchen, and it is perfect for entertaining guests whether there is a bar stool or not.
\"The black spots on the countertop complement the black appliances and look more stylish and upscale,\" Davis said . \".
The stainless steel ledge for items such as spices shows how to get storage space from blank walls.
\"Stainless steel continues to be welcomed by the look of the commercial kitchen.
\"Now that all the cooking shows are on TV, people want to have a sense of chef at home,\" he said . \".
The hardwood floors have similar sienna tones to the kitchen\'s fine wood furniture to add warmth.
\"Hardwood floors are used throughout the suite, which gives the suite a seamless look, not a choppy look.
\"It makes it look bigger,\" Davis said . \".
\"There\'s a corridor coming out of the living room, about 14-
\"Our feet are long, so we made an art gallery on one side and placed a series of mirrors on the other side to visually open it,\" Davis said . \".
Rooms are smaller than the master bedroom, so use wall lights instead of desk lamps and a turquoise ceramic bucket instead of side tables.
They are also ideal for storing books and magazines.
\"Drums can easily move into the living room for entertainment,\" Davis said . \".
\"The turquoise color in the bedroom also makes all rooms gel.
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