bertrand creek show home infused with plenty of personality

by:Merttace     2020-05-15
Project name: batron River, location: 28 Avenue and 276 Street, Aldergroveand four-bedroom single-
Family home on the 20 th
Residential area and price of Acre site: 2,935-
3,494 square feet (
Includes unfinished basement with legal suite option)
Developer: Epic Homes Sales Center: 739,980 275A Street Tel: 2778-604262-
2965 hours: Noon-6 p. m.
, Daily New Single in Langxi, Epic
In the family residential community of Aldergrove, designer Leanne Leon chose designs, colors and furniture that define each room in a large home and can change with the homeowner
Thanks to Leon\'s performance.
Due to prints and wall decals, the children\'s bedroom is full of personality and bold yellow and blue, evoking the theme of the superhero.
But remove some items and the room is easily suitable for toddlers or teenagers.
This is one of the keys to Leon\'s talent: her ability to inject a unique personality into the room while maintaining the flexibility and adaptability of the room.
\"When you start a room for any child, it is important to start with a neutral palette and concept;
There is always room for growth, \"said Leon, head of E2 family Limited.
\"We chose a superhero theme for this room and removed the theme from the Batman wall stickers on the city walls, everything in the whole space was interchanged.
\"Epic Homes offers three models, Anderson, Bertrand and Latimer.
Show House Anderson is the largest of the three open floor plans, a large room with vaulted ceilings with a view to the study and dressing room on the second and main floors.
The Big Room is too big and Leon has to define an area from the next one, so she fills the living room with a mix of gray and different shades of purple.
In that open place.
Concept space, a long rectangular glass chandelier hangs on the dining table like a canopy.
Custom wood products, a built-in
In the buffet, the reflection of the restaurant in the mirror above, the overall effect of the larger room, giving a formal feeling.
\"We hope the space will be open and attractive.
The size of the room was very large from the beginning, so we chose a transparent fixture to complement the size of the table, but did not dominate the room. ”That built-
Leon said the restaurant\'s buffet was built to match the kitchen island, so even if the restaurant is defined from other spaces, it is well integrated with the kitchen area.
\"We feel like adding this built-in
The furniture really makes these two spaces
Kitchen and restaurant-seamless.
\"In the large master suite, Leon created great drama with the arrangement of large bedside lights and wallpaper.
It forms a variety of tables on a wall, attracting attention in spacious rooms.
\"Wall coverings are perfect for creating drama in any space.
\"In this room we use it to create a focus from which we pull the bedroom color scheme together,\" she said . \".
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