Badminton Competition


The companys sales department staff conducted a badminton match last weekend.

It just rained that day, we found an indoor venue to play, doubles, 21 goals in a game, the first loser to buy water. Because vicky and bryan don't play much, Barry and Penny are better, so Vicky and Barry are team, bryan and penny. At first, because they were all unfamiliar, there were a lot of missed connections or two people grabbing together. Basically, they had been through the first game in laughter.


The second game was bryan and Barry, Vicky and Penny, men and women. After the warm-up and familiarity of this game, the feeling of the obvious bryan game came up, and it was more active, and Barry played better as always. The opposite of Vicky and Penny were physically weak, resulting in more mistakes. They eventually lost.

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