ask a designer: outdoor lighting options abound

by:Merttace     2020-05-02
Many Americans love the outdoors, and their yard is filled with fluffy sofas, sparkling coffee tables, and even outdoor carpets.
But what happens when the sun goes down?
Chris Langton, landscape designer and host of HGTV \"go Yard\", suggested that his clients consider lighting in outdoor spaces as much as possible, just like considering furniture.
He said, forget the dazzling porch light yesterday.
Now you can choose from a variety of more subtle lighting options.
Many of them are cheap and stylish and can quickly turn a basic courtyard into a chic entertainment space.
Lambton and two other experts in outdoor decorationLos Angeles-
Designer Jeff Andrews and Brian Patrick Flynn
Advise on the latest, most attractive and safest outdoor lighting options.
Enjoy your interior style, says Lambton. Any interior furniture design and fabric is now available as an outdoor item, as is the lighting.
The company is making an outdoor version for their most popular indoor fixtures.
Flynn is a fan of outdoor chandeliers on a terrace or covered deck: \"This is the perfect way to make any monotonous outdoor space feel like a real room.
But, he said, choose wisely: \"You have to take into account the scale and the proportions in order for them to be correct.
Installing one is too small to look like an afterthought.
Install a one that is too big or hung up too low and it will completely flood the space.
\"Flynn also recommends the use of floor lamps and desk lamps designed for outdoor use.
The price is very different (
From more than $1,000 to less than $100)
So he suggested looking for deals and perfect style online.
Another option: create your own outdoor device.
Lambton says many electricians can reconnect your favorite indoor lighting equipment for safe use outdoors.
\"Search for any fixtures you like,\" he said, \"then put an outdoor pipe in and attach it to the switch.
\"Go Retro\" retro is always the key to good lighting, said Andrews.
\"I bought these very cool, cheap Moroccan lanterns recently\" and it looks vintage.
Instead of simply showing them on the table, he hung them on the branches outside.
\"I asked them to wire outside and hide the wires in the tree,\" he explained . \".
In the evening, when vintage lanterns glow from branches, there is a \"romantic and European feeling\" in the yard \".
\"Forget about one or two bright porch lights, and all three designers recommend a variety of soft lights.
Lambton uses artificial stone blocks with LED lights hidden inside and traditional lighting next to them.
Flynn did the same thing with lighting pots.
\"I like to sneak around in the ambient light in unexpected ways,\" Flynn said . \".
\"In Los Angeles, I turned a family\'s Los Angeles Phillies backyard into a full backyard --
Comfortable family room, comfortable sofa, etc.
To bring light to the space, I used a modern plastic flowerpot.
They have wires on the back and are connected to an external socket.
Once turned on, the light bulb inside the transparent plastic will light up and the whole area will give a soft light.
This is a genius because there is no need for an electrician at all.
\"The simpler option is: a thin strip light that can be attached below the deck railing, or a light of various shapes from a simple bulb to a star, with a red heart or jalapeno on the top of your head.
No matter which type of light you choose, add dimmers to the outdoor light switch, Andrews said.
\"Everything in the world needs a dimmer,\" he said.
\"Don\'t forget to light up the far end of your yard,\" Lambton said.
When you are entertaining outside, it will make your property feel bigger and eliminate the feeling of being surrounded by darkness.
The cost of placing some small solar equipment is very low.
Power light at the bottom of trees and shrubs.
He also suggested putting a few sticks on the branches.
\"I like to watch the grass,\" Lanton said . \".
\"It adds a good depth to the yard.
\"Don\'t forget fire pits of all sizes --
From the huge outdoor fireplace to the small table top container
Provide Golden flashing lights for your outdoor space.
Pillar candles of various sizes (battery-Electric or real)
Either gather yourself or hide in giant glass lanterns to add a bit of brilliance to your yard, Andrews said.
Or make an outdoor chandelier with a candle: \"I tend to try it in a country-style place --it-
\"Your own thoughts,\" Flynn said.
\"In my own outdoor restaurant, I hung a candle holder above the table made of recycled pine boards, ropes, Mason jars and tea lamps.
When my family came here for pizza night, it created the perfect atmosphere.
\"Combined with safety and beauty home improvement shops and websites, there are plenty of lighting options for outdoor roads and deck stairs that add beauty while making your space safer.
So, what is the safety of not lighting in all weather?
If it\'s outside
The rating should be fine, Andrews said.
But remember your climate.
Flynn doesn\'t like to turn off \"most lighting\"
Unless the outdoor space is covered, it is round . \"
\"The only way I\'m worried about lighting --
Free activities for outdoor activities are festivals-
Style of string lights.
They are almost the same as the holiday flashing lights.
My favorite style is mini stock. lanterns;
They really help to illuminate the perimeter of a space.
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