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by:Merttace     2020-05-18
Will the Led light hurt your eyes?
While there is no conclusive evidence of this, health supervision agencies in many countries have indicated that this risk cannot be ruled out.
The French food, environmental and occupational health and safety agency recently raised the red flag (ANSES)
The government of this country-
Operational health supervision. In a 400-
Blue light in LED lighting can damage the retina, the report said.
Exposed to a strong and powerful environment (LED)
The light on the photo is
Toxic substances can lead to irreversible loss of retina cells and decreased vision.
Like most other countries, led is widely used in India, both outdoors and indoors.
High-intensity LEDs are also increasingly used in automotive headlights.
These lights are energy.
Efficient but produce more blue light compared to the old one
Old-fashioned incandescent lamps.
Eye experts say it is theoretically possible that LED lights could damage retina cells.
However, they stressed the need for a large number
Expand the scale of clinical studies to demonstrate that the intensity or duration of such exposure may cause damage.
Dr. Rajvardhan Azad, a former ophthalmology professor at AIIMS, said that we need hard data before causing an alarm.
Dr. Chandrakant S Pandav, a public health expert, marked the continued flashing and glare of LED lights as another area of concern.
Most of the LEDs available in India have a high flashing rate and are not suitable for overall eye health, he added.
Past studies have identified factors that make the flicker worse, including longer exposure times, larger areas of the retina receiving stimuli, greater flash brightness, and higher contrast to surrounding brightness.
Ai ims former head of community medicine says artificial lighting is an integral part of everyday life.
We spend an average of 10-
12 hours under these lights.
With the promotion of LED lights by the industry and the government, led lights must comply with the international light biosafety standards.
Flicker and glare are associated with the manufacture of poor LEDs and remain a concern.
Last year, the European Commission submitted that there was no evidence that the normal use of LEDs would adversely affect the health of ordinary people.
However, it points out that there is insufficient research on the health effects of LED lighting, and many topics should be studied further, especially the effects of flickering.
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