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Blanc de Chine is a pure white to cream Chinese porcelain known in the West for its simple lines and low-key style, which not only creates a calm feeling, but also produces a perfect antique lamp.
The interior lighting of our home is the basic requirement of comfortable life;
However, we can take another step and choose a way of lighting that not only increases our physical comfort, but also increases our psychological comfort.
Blanc de Chine, with its concise lines and elegant and low-key style, not only creates a calm feeling, but also produces the perfect antique lamp, one of the outstanding qualities of the beautiful white porcelain known as white porcelain in the West is its unique ability to adapt to the changing style evolution.
In the traditional/Classic or most modern interior design, it always maintains a modern style and is completely at home.
The picture shows an 18th-century Chinese Blanco lamp with a very low-key style.
The light in the shape of a simple sleeve tile is gradually thinner to the bottom with a reduced diameter.
The lamp has uniform glaze and cream color, which is a typical representative of Fujian porcelain in the 18 th century.
Antique hand-carved lamps, elegant style Chinese hard wooden frame.
Very finely carved, with the opening of the leaves, standing on the feet of the four juergi shapes. The lamp on-
Sit on a gold-plated bronze ring.
Lamp head in gold-plated bronze.
Ch \\ \'ien lung rule-
The overall height is about 1780 (including Shadows) 26 \\ \"/66 cm the term blanc de Chine porcelain is always used to describe this highly translucent porcelain made from the famous Te Hua kiln in Fujian province, China.
The coastal area of Fujian is traditionally one of the main ceramic export centers.
More than 180 kiln sites were identified as an extension of the historical timeline starting from the Song period, 960-
1279 until today.
Blanc de Chine doesn\'t sound very Chinese and is French for \"Chinese white\" porcelain.
Of course, it was French in the early 19 th century and gave us the name of the beautiful Chinese colored ceramic glaze.
White porcelain is a kind of porcelain from white to pure white, which was first produced in the late Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644.
Technically, white chine is caused by iron deficiency (less than 0.
5% iron oxide), in the clay mined by Te Hua.
Seri cite and feldsar are rich in quartz and clay and have low iron content, resulting in the production of this high quality white porcelain.
The first Chinese look is the image of some pious objects such as incense burner, candle holders, vases and Saints.
These shapes comply with the official regulations of the early Ming dynasty, not only in white, but also in the shape of the imitation of the ancient ritual.
Blanco de chin is especially found among the very good and pious figures of Buddha and Kuan
A particularly respected Guanyin in Fujian.
White porcelain has always been very popular among Chinese people who like simple, practical and traditional home decor.
It must also be mentioned that White is an important filial piety in Chinese traditional culture.
These early porcelain shapes were made to achieve a perfect blend of glaze and body, traditionally known as ivory white and milky white.
Blanc de Chine is considered an aesthetic style of porcelain and may be more appreciated by collectors/decorators with aesthetic ideas, with no decoration at all, relying entirely on its form, which is usually
At the beginning of the 17 th century, when Europeans discovered Chinese porcelain, a large number of Chinese came to Europe as China\'s export porcelain, and successfully copied in the UK in Maisen and the mid-18th century, at Chelsea and bow.
Many European factories in the 18 th and 19 th centuries continue to produce Chinese-style porcelain.
When it comes to dating a piece of Blanco\'s work, it can be difficult because the contemporary ruling signs are not used and there are very few outdated works.
Long-standing production and provincial kilns are independent of court fashion and do not provide much clues compared to other porcelain produced in the 17/18 th century.
Most of the information about this beautiful Te pink white porcelain comes from trading records, shipwrecks, chemical analysis, and well-documented European collections.
This combined information allows Blanco de chin to sleep with reasonable accuracy.
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