alluring lighting for a traditional dining room

by:Merttace     2020-05-15
Very few rooms are as important as the lighting of the restaurant.
The light fixtures are not only the focus here, but they are constantly seen as your family or guests sit around the table.
Also, you want to make the quality of the light better-
After a great meal, you definitely want everyone to see it!
Here are some tips for creating a lighting scheme for a traditional restaurant that suits your palette (And your taste).
There is nothing more traditional than a classic crystal chandelier.
Featuring gold or silver, the chandelier adds the perfect shine to make the room feel elegant but not excessive.
Height is an important consideration when hanging a chandelier.
Hanging It 30 to 36 inch above the table is ideal for bathing the table in light, but not blocking the table\'s view.
There are some options when it comes to hanging chandeliers.
Some prefer to have people sit at the table immediately, so the chandelier is deliberately hung low enough to encourage guests to sit in the chair.
Just make sure the bulb will never be lower than the eye height--
Even if someone stands-
Prevent strong light exposure.
In many rooms, it is easy to turn off the overhead lighting and make the secondary lighting create a dim romantic glow for entertainment.
The restaurant is not that kind of room.
Because the restaurant is often occupied by the main chandelier, it is more important to control the lighting with a dimmer switch.
In this way, you can adjust the light so that it is appropriate at any time of the day or on any occasion.
When deciding what size lamps fit your room, the general rule of thumb is to measure the size of the room with your feet, add them together, and buy a chandelier a few inches in diameter. A 12-by-
For example, it takes 27-15 rooms-inch fixture.
If you\'re going to break this rule, the restaurant is where you do it.
Since lighting is usually the main focus of the restaurant, a larger chandelier is a good idea.
While gorgeous chandeliers are often the main lighting fixture for traditional restaurants, they are certainly not the only lighting fixture to consider.
Can or pin lights Can illuminate certain areas to make sure there are no dark corners.
Some of the regular entertainers even put a pin light on everyone\'s plate.
Sconces is an ideal way to incorporate more light into the restaurant.
When you have something as amazing as the mural at Sergey konstandinov\'s art studio, there is no reason to dim the lights.
Just make sure the bulb or candle is above the eye height. Built-
You can see the glory of the restaurant in the Cabinet of the Chinese warehouse.
To make sure the treasure doesn\'t go away at a candlelight dinner, install pin lights on the arches so your favorite items shine no matter what time of day.
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