all bulbs are not created equal

by:Merttace     2020-04-03
LED lighting is one of the most popular accessories for dream homes.
Stephen Jen, lighting designer at direct lighting, said that for a customer, every day he walks into a house that wants a lot of light bulbs or accessories.
Some people made the mistake of not seeking advice and ended up buying the wrong product.
This is because the update of LED lighting is more complicated than most people think.
For families with vintage R80 accessories, the update of the LED is the easiest, and this accessory was popular before 1990.
The bulbs in most modern floors and desk lamps can also be simply switched with LEDs.
These traditional accessories feature high pressure bayonet or screws
In the bulb, just select the most suitable LED bulb for the room/settings and switch it yourself.
There are many factors that will determine the purchase of the right bulb, Jane said.
The first is the dim angle of the bulb.
\"If you are going to replace the downlight, you have to buy a directional bulb that is projected down, not a bulb with an environment of 360 degrees.
Please note that if you are currently using a dimmer, you will need a dimmable LED bulb or accessory.
Otherwise, your lights will no longer be dim.
In the House with halogen lamps, it becomes more difficult to update the led.
Since 1980 s/90 s, halogen lamps have become popular with key lighting, and designers like them, says Jen.
Once the LED technology catches up and unit prices start to drop, halogen is no longer popular.
Customers sometimes think they can simply replace halogen lamps with LEDs, but find that the latter flashes and dies, said Jen.
The transformer needs to be replaced with LED compatible.
Most homeowners who want to upgrade halogen lamp accessories choose to replace the entire accessory with new accessories with integrated LED, said Jen.
The downside to this is that when they end up exploding, electricians are needed to replace them.
The advantage of replacing a transformer in an existing unit is that the bulb can be replaced if it explodes.
This may be better in the rental property as the tenant is unable to pay sparkie every time the light bulb explodes.
When choosing LED lights, it is important to consider Kelvin\'s color temperature.
It determines whether it is cool or warm.
Normally, the home uses warmer colors, and the office uses cooler colors, says Jen.
The warm white LED will start at 2700 K (Kelvin)
Cool White from 3500 K to 4000 K.
In addition, it is mainly used in business and hospitals.
LED lights are measured with lumens instead of Watts.
LED bulbs are usually between 450 and 2000 lumens, using lumens equivalent to 8 to 25 watts in old measurements.
\"If it\'s a living room, you may need 500 to 600 lumens, and you may need about 1000 lumens if it\'s an office,\" said Jen . \".
Another decision to make is the beam angle.
He says the beam angle used for mission or focused lighting is small.
For more general lighting, look for a wide beam angle that distributes light throughout the room.
Replacing halogen lamps with LED has some additional advantages, not just energy saving, although it is 85 cents, according to Energywise.
Halogen lamps work at higher temperatures.
This means that the insulation material cannot be placed on the ceiling, which in turn means that the heat is lost through the roof, where there is a gap in the insulation material around the halogen lamp fittings.
Real estate investor Andrew Bruce, tired of calling one of his rental apartments, arranged for electricians to replace the halogen lamps of the entire apartment with LEDs.
He believes that over time, new accessories will pay for themselves with fewer callsouts.
\"It\'s not a huge apartment, the bulbs are gone from 20 to 30.
I think I will make all the accessories instead of having a sparrow replace a few.
\"The cost of replacing a large number of R80 or halogen lamps and accessories varies depending on the number of accessories in the House and the cost of the electrician.
For a customer, it\'s not uncommon to spend about $600 at a time to buy three, says Jen.
A bedroom house that buys light bulbs and/or accessories.
The last suggestion from Jen is to look at the warranty situation of the product you are buying.
The expected life of the LED is usually 30,000 hours. If you run (it)
8 hours a day should last about 10 years.
You should get led with a minimum of three years warranty.
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