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Mary Dumas has an elegant, quiet, warm elegance.
You see this from her way and the way she wears it, on her green street of the same name.
Home decor and gift boutiques-no surprise, you saw it at her house.
Palette of the manor-
The style she shared with her husband and their three young children is the planet-toned and soft.
Mirrors and delicate chandeliers add luster;
The family photos in the silver photo frame provide warmth, and the scented candles she likes add fragrance.
Like boutique Mary Dumas, accessories chez Mary Dumas change with the seasons: for example, in the summer, she has two sunflowers in a pair of tall glass jars on the spacious kitchen island earlier this fall.
At this time of year, red flowers are arranged, and a pair of golden reindeer are living --
The fireplace in the room is a sign of the season.
The restaurant has evergreen branches and gold-plated pine nuts.
Room chandelier and silver Christmas-
The tree decoration on the desk of the room helps to adjust the mood.
In some ways, the House seems to be an extension of the shop: in both houses, people have found a yellow-brown sphere in beautiful pots, in low pots or vases(
There are a variety of silk flowers in the store, and Duma has made clever custom arrangements in the container for sale or in the customer\'s own container. )
There are large and small boxes in various materials, separate boxes, paired boxes and trio boxes.
There are several pairs of topiaries and jars, as well as hurricane lights.
\"There is symmetry in pairs;
\"I think the look is more balanced,\" she said . \".
And, of course, chandeliers.
\"I like chandeliers.
Crystal adds brilliance and elegance to you.
But, 19 years later, boutique Mary Dumas is almost an extension of Dumas himself.
She opened the Westmount store with her mother Francine, and later her sister Stephanie joined them.
Those who know the store know how sincere, pleasant, helpful and helpful these three stores are always-even on busy shopping days before Christmas, even if one is making the most modest purchase.
At the end of the day, \"I like to go home,\" said Dumas, 44 . \".
\"I like everything at home.
\"She also likes to be healthy and enjoy life.
She learned last year that she had breast cancer.
There was chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery-she was in the store for most of the time during the treatment.
Friends said they were surprised by her courage and grace throughout the ordeal.
Of course, serious illness can help you see what\'s really important.
\"All I want is normal,\" Dumas said as he looked around the living room . \".
\"I want to be with my family.
I want to go home.
\"The room is decorated with cream and soft gold and fabrics like cotton and chenille.
It invites you to sit in a spell, and in fact, it\'s a room used by the family: she sits there with the kids at night to read, and she and a group of girlfriends gather there every month.
This is a room that people really like.
Not always.
It used to be a formal raspberry and gold.
Themed rooms featuring heavy curtains, tassels and triviastyle tables.
\"Everything has stripes and pompoms,\" Dumas recalls . \".
Therefore, this space is rarely used except for the family\'s annual Christmas portrait.
\"Very picky and formal.
Everything is silk.
The children are afraid of tearing the tassels.
\"The Raspberry is gone, and the soft neutral tones soothe the room: the two armchairs have been replaced
Decorated in a beige twill with a nail head: No skirts anymore.
Louis fifteen-
The stylish chair is printed with a quiet cotton pattern of gray, gold and yellow.
Two of the three chips
The style tables have been replaced by custom tables, and their legs are decorated in brass at the bottom, a style that attracts American designer Barbara Barry.
\"The room is not that heavy now and we use it more,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s right for the family we\'re in right now.
\"Dumas\'s husband loves to work by hand, and for ten years since they moved to the house they built in 1967, he has added features including Crown styling, chair railings and wall panels-features that highlight personality and texture.
But this is not a picky House, nor is it a house that values itself too much. Alife-
The size of the stone dog-this is the outdoors, really-is an unexpected pleasure next to the armchair in the living room.
The tiles on the kitchen floor look like marble, but they are porcelain.
\"This is a family with a lot of hockey sticks,\" she said . \".
The house was expanded to make room for the spa kitchen designed by Dumas, who said she was after the look of the French country kitchen.
Wooden cabinets painted matte
After the finished cream, the pull is brushed with nickel, and the island and countertop is a granite called the new Venetian gold: It is a rich mixture of gold and brown, the cabinets and drawers on the island were dyed dark brown.
Equally rich espresso shades are repeated on most floors of the house: in fact, there is a flow in the space, and one is combined by a palette of paint, fabric and interior decoration.
The newly renovated room is the master bedroom: The wall between the room and the walk-
The closet was removed in order to open the space;
A large wardrobe and dresser built in-
In the cabinet designed by Duma, there are mirror doors and crystal pulls.
A snowy bed was replaced with a padded headboard with a drum mounted on the existing crystal chandelier --
More casual look shape linen tone.
The dresser in the mirror looks like a jewel and a rectangular Venetian
The style mirror is a complement to the cabinet.
Her husband did an excellent job in the main bathroom, he laid marble tiles on the floor and shower walls, he took out the space from the linen cupboard in the hall and enlarged it.
Her tastes may be constantly changing, but Dumas is constantly using them: for example, the sofa in the family room used to be in the living room.
The leather ottoman in the family room is in the basement.
Pouf, who used to wear raspberry silk and tassels in the living room, has been redesigned
The master bedroom is decorated with ivory velvet and gives a Sand Band in a Greek key pattern.
The living room was once a Venetian mirror.
The boy\'s room is beautiful and nautical, with a color scheme of tan and Navy.
Their sister\'s room was furnished with a pink armchair with brown pipes;
It used to be in a boy\'s room, covered with blue Cowboys.
\"You can change things and recycle them,\" Dumas said . \".
\"I am very satisfied with everything I have.
Kitchen cabinets and counters, living-
450-room bookcase and window seat:978-
2582, Laval, upholstery, and kitchen seating:, 1001 Lenoir St. , 514-935-
5944 master bedroom cabinets and shelves: Ste. Eustache, 514-608-
5285 chandeliers, mirror vanity and seat, top, silk flowers, candles and other accessories:, 1212 Green Avenue.
, Westmount, 514-932-
9977 paint: life-
Room ceiling: CC578,Hemp Seed; wall: CC-
140, almost no beige color; kitchen: CC-
Almond soup 280
Master bedroom: CC-50, White Down;
Main bathroom wall: CC-
130, white ivory;
Molding and decoration: CC-40. cloud White;
Restaurant: CC290, Straw Hat.
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