a style expert’s recipe for an appetizing dining room

by:Merttace     2020-05-12
When my husband and I moved into our apartment 15 years ago, I insisted on having a proper restaurant.
I had a grand idea of using napkins for the weekend and family dinners in China, and then having a candlelight dinner party and a holiday party on the weekend --togethers. I was naive.
I don\'t understand the changing needs of our growing families.
It seems that overnight our toddlers need a place to do manual projects and then as grade
Students need a place to do homework, and now, as teenagers, they need a place to hang out.
My life plan is unrealistic.
The design of my restaurant is not practical.
That\'s not to say I\'m wrong.
For the mistakes I made, like all the decoration disasters, I will correct them over time.
Also, I now have experience and hindsight that I can share.
This is a restaurant I have recommended you to go to from the beginning.
I painted our restaurant dark chocolate brown with white wood products and never felt the need to update or change it.
The color is comfortable and almost everything looks good (
Linen, China)
Wear well (
You can barely see my pen mark at the time. 4-year-old son made). Other tried-and-
The real paint colors of livable restaurants are red and coral, as they complement most skin tones;
The people sitting in it look good.
My favorite restaurant color: ● wood grain Brown in Benjamin Moore.
Benjamin Moore\'s million dollar red envelope
● Fine coating of European WC-32 (a coral shade).
Most rooms look better with a few ambient lights and nothing is more important than the restaurant. (
You want to look the best for yourself and your guests. )
In our restaurant, I installed two pairs of sconces and provided some light without powering the room.
In general, you should install sconces so that the bulbs are about 5 1/2 to 6 feet high.
Most sconce sockets do not accept bulbs of more than 40 watts, so the light will not be too harsh.
I prefer sandwich scones.
Light with a soft bulb.
I installed the top light from the start, but I never bought the chandelier around.
Instead, I have a flushInstall the fixture.
This is good for me: Chandelier or low chandelier
Hanging fixtures will limit the flexibility of the room because if the table is moved it will hang too low for people to get through it. (
The standard table height is 29 to 30 inch and the bottom of the suspension should usually be around 30 inch above the table top. )
I am free to rotate my desk or move it away so that the whole space is free for a cocktail party or spin game.
The smartest lighting option I \'ve made so far is to install dimmers on all light sources.
I tend to do this in every room, but they are essential in the dining room, where different purposes (
Children do homework.
Thanksgiving dinner)
Different amounts of light are needed.
I used a wall in our restaurant to store things.
Most restaurants have too much space to have some sort of storage unit.
Find a spacious but not big dress.
Then fill it up with the necessities of service and entertainment
Fine porcelain, napkins, candles, matches
So you don\'t have to flip the box to find what you need.
Our storage is also the place to keep board games and art supplies.
I like our table.
Gamma table for Cappellini by Jasper Morrison).
For the room, its ratio is very high, but its white paint is too fragile for the daily wear it receives.
There are gaps on the edges and lots of pen and pencil scratches on the surface.
One day I will replace it with a sealed tablestone top.
Consider personal taste when choosing table material, but make sure your decision is practical.
I am very satisfied with the size and proportion of our table (
About 3 by 8 feet).
I believe there are 10 or less guests for the best dinner, so this is the biggest seat on our table.
When it comes to proportions, the size of the room should determine the size of your table.
A good rule of thumb is that the floor area of your table should not exceed the third of the total floor space.
As for the table shape, the shape of most rooms is perfect for square and rectangular tables (
That is, boxy)
, Although the circular model is more helpful for dialogue, most of the tables in the space are allowed.
When shopping, be sure to check the stability of the table to make sure that there is no awkward stand that can hurt the guest\'s legs.
So I really screwed it up.
I bought fragile antique chairs that need a lot of maintenance.
Upholstered chairs for restaurants (
Or any padded chair that frequently touches food, drink, paint or pen)
Choose an outdoor fabric or leather; both are long-
Long lasting and easy to clean.
Find comfortable dining chairs after invitation
Dinner break to ensure easy movement of chairs for all guests (
Including children).
Cumbersome style, over-crowded seating and chairs, and clearly open legs make it tricky for guests to get in and out.
As for the style, pick the chair with distinct contrast between color and material. Beware one-
Click to buy based on aesthetics only.
Pair the marble table top with a wooden chair or antique mahogany table with white
Modern chair frame.
A reliable way to make your restaurant stylish is to mix style and finish --
Old and new, light and dark, smooth and old.
Mirrors are particularly appealing in the restaurant because they reflect the candlelight and add to the overall atmosphere, but mirrors also double your view.
For example, our restaurant has only one window, which is not a real problem if you mainly use your restaurant at night, but we are using this room all day now, so sunshine is a luxury.
There is a big mirror right across the window and now it looks like we have two windows!
No matter where you decide to hang a mirror, make sure it reflects something beautiful.
Think about this sentence, \"If you have nothing to say. . . .
\"My creed of the mirror is similar: if the only thing reflected in the mirror is a pile of garbage, its merits will disappear.
I didn\'t add a rug to our restaurant until recently.
When we first moved in, I liked the look of our formal parquet floor and the idea of red --
Wine spills on the carpet are enough to discourage me from covering them.
But since we used the room for many other activities besides eating, I felt the need to make the room more comfortable.
I chose a Moroccan wool Berber carpet.
It is easy to clean and the pattern will disguise spills and crumbs.
\"Today\" program style expert, former magazine editor Meihu is \"flip! for Decorating.
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