a simple space with a stunning view

by:Merttace     2020-04-30
It seems to be simpler and lower. 1,600 in modern timessquare-
Than in the spacious Victorian era, Jennifer Kutcher has lived in what she calls a home apartment for a few years.
However, the Montreal designer is here to create a space that is as kind, comfortable and warm as the house.
Of course, her designer\'s eyes helped her: Cukier designed everything from interior design, fashion design to glass and ceramics, which she is especially known for, and now she is mainly engaged in
In the process of scaling down, she chose some objects that could \"make me feel at home,\" she said: for example, a Venetian mirror has gone through every step with her, a lovely back
Painted glass lamps depicting the Four Seasons, an elegant old oval table, used as a coffee table, and a higher oval table, which reaches out to accommodate appetizers when she entertains.
\"I try to know what I want in a space,\" she said . \".
For example, she had two sofas not cut off in the Victorian living room: their footprints were too large.
Cukier sold them and replaced them with smaller, second-hand, white slippers: in fact, most of the things she had were second-
House sales and garage sales. [nggallery id=5]
There is a chair decorated with leopard fabric and she can walk through the room when she has guests and chairs that can occasionally be brought in, but other than that, she deliberately leaves extra space.
\"I like the simple feeling here,\" she said . \".
\"It feels very clean.
There is no carpet, there is only a large beautiful herringbone --
The patterned oak floor is stained with lights, increasing the feeling of air circulation.
When Cukier looked at the apartment three years ago, it belonged to the complex flank of the Royal Mountain built in the 1980 s. two things were sold: the floor, newly laid by the previous owner, and the panoramic view was taken.
Her room is a corner unit with more windows in the living room than the walls, high enough to extend from the river to the mountains.
\"When I saw the floor and the scenery, I said, \'This is what it is for me.
\"She made some changes, but they were small: She added halogen pot lights and put the chandeliers placed by the former owner in place because they made the space more like home, new curtains and chairs added
Some adjustments were made to the rail and ceiling molding.
She repainted it with five different shades of white-warm white, not cool blue white.
The Venetian plaster finish on some walls adds texture, and the high-gloss paint on the wood product and the flat paint on the mold also adds texture.
The leopard chair is on the right as you walk in, next to a tall mirror and a ledge that looks like marble but is actually painted wood.
A pair of lights from the family are on the ledge-one of several examples of cukiier\'s seamless integration with other furniture using cheap accessories with her unambiguous eyes.
For example, a beautiful marble floor lamp in the corner of the living room has a four
Digital price tag at the time of sale of the House;
She paired it with the angel in a delicious dislike --themed oval-
She found a plaster wall plaque in shape for $34.
99, also in the home theater. [nggallery id=5]
Even though with young grandchildren now, baby defense is part of the game, cukiier begins two lovely scenes she creates in the living room: a round table with a glass cover (another garage-sale find)
Small sculptures created mainly by Montreux Susan Stein and Shulamit hartal, Israel;
Rectangular wooden table (
Yes, there\'s a garage.
Hold items such as inlaid wood and gold
Gold-plated candle holders designed at the Neot Semadar kibbutz Art Center in Israel for sale by tourists.
Cukier living in Israel (
Australia and UK)
Help New Zealand residents design and sell.
For the dining area of the apartment, she chose to keep it for nearly a century
Eight leather old oak tables for countless festive family dinners
With a padded chair and a sideboard attached.
They are a big part, but the proportions are correct: they do not flood the space.
Thirty years ago, Cukier bought tables, chairs and burping walnut sideboards at a home sale for $3,000, along with a silver cabinet with double-glazed windows
Along the way, she presented or sold items and re-used other items: for example, a pine table used as a workbench in the study was a kitchen table for the three rooms.
In the former residence, a ceiling mural featuring angels was placed on the table of the restaurant: in this mural, Cukier installed it on the table in the kitchen, its Angel pattern unfolds with the plaque of the Angel\'s wall.
A chair purchased at the old Timmins Manor on Sunnyside Avenue for auction items.
Served as a bedside table for a while, standing outside the entrance to the apartment kitchen today.
\"I love the simplicity, warmth, the feeling here-I don\'t care if my grandchildren are coloring on the wall,\" cukiier said . \".
\"Space is used to live-cracks on the table and traces on the walls indicate that they are living: I am not worried about these things.
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