a pattern of beauty

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The owner of New Civilitea, a tea shop and art gallery in Salem, is committed to supporting the work of local, national and international artists.
When they met at the World Tea Fair, their mission went deeper.
Hetzer represents the original T-
Bag design, products made of recycled tea bags.
Po and Daly fell in love with the art of painting on tea bags.
But the most striking is the story of South African women feeding themselves through work.
Tea bags collected by churches, hospitals and women\'s groups around the world were flown to South Africa.
When the leaves are emptied and dried, a unique pattern is formed. The artists -
No formal training.
Draw the pattern in bronze and gold, silver and black.
The bag dries again and turns into a tea light holder, coasters, diaries, festive decorations and jewelry.
Works of art are sold in artist studios located in the seaside market in Europe and Cape Town, USA.
The design of tea bags created by some experienced artists was recently exhibited at the Garrison Art Center in New York.
Potoff and Daly are now helping Hetzer connect with the local and Boston arts community.
Today, the public is invited to meet Hetzer and watch the art at New Civilitea at the age of 10. m. to 6 p. m. Call 978-740-2832 or visit .
More, visit.
For 21 years, the players at Mugford Street will be in malbrhead next Sunday for a little Dickens, a solo show at 5 p. m.
Reading by one person
Charles Dickens\'s Christmas Carol was produced and directed by him.
Actors include, and Robinson.
Actors play multiple roles.
Music accompaniment and special sound effects are provided.
The venue is the Universal Church of Marblehead at the age of Mugford St. 28.
$10 for tickets;
$8 for children and seniors.
If you need to book, please call 781-631-9106.
For more information about players, please visit.
Discuss her new book, Helen Clay Frick: Bittersweet Heiress, Wednesday night at 7: 00m.
John Cabot\'s house in Beverly
In the first decade of the 20 th century, the Frick family spent the summer at the crossroads of Beverly. In 1919, 31-year-
Old Helen Clay Frick inherited $38 million from her father, Henry Clay Frick, to become the richest unmarried woman in the United States.
Through extensive research, access to family profiles and personal works by Helen, Sanger-Helen\'s great-niece -
Created a multifaceted portrait of Frick\'s controversial personal life and charity struggle.
The event is hosted by Beverly Historical Society and Museum.
During the holidays, many galleries and art associations open their doors for special exhibitions and sales.
Newbury Potter Art Association displays \"gift sledge\" with paintings, prints, photos, cards, ceramics, jewelry, decorations and knitted items \"--
All works created by member artists
By December, the association had three galleries. 28.
Gift certificates for future purchases of art, studio courses or association members are also available. . . .
LynnArts held \"wonderful holiday shows and sales\" on January \". 4.
It includes paintings, hand-made scarves, personal logs, holiday decorations, and more works by artists and artisans from Boston.
Many gifts are less than $50. . . .
The art encouragement Association presents the collection of wearable art created on Cape \'An, featuring the work of seven local jewelry designers, starting today at 9. m. to 5 p. m.
Cozy Street tea room in Gloucester.
From pure gold to ocean glass, from polymer clay to pearls, jewelry is made from a range of materials.
Artists include, and.
SeARTS is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the art of angle Ann, with 10% of sales revenue coming from seARTS.
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