8 must-have home decor pieces

by:Merttace     2020-04-09
For most designers, Houzz contribuord Yanic Simard has some home decor pieces and they will come back again and again.
These elements instantly enhance any space, regardless of style, and add personality, functionality, or color (
Maybe all the above.
No matter how complex the space is, these eight essential elements give the room the style they need.
Tips on how to start a renovation project 1.
Potter floor lamp.
This classic light fixture is the epitome of a good transition design --
A bit modern and a bit traditional.
By combining the elegant styling of traditional lamps with the refreshing of the minimalist metal finish, the Porter creates a statement that can be well mixed with any style, you can increase the brightness even before you turn it on.
How to use: Behind the bedside table, next to the sofa (Pair or separate)
Or in the office. 2. Brno chair.
This cantilever chair is another modern classic for any space (
The prospects seen here)
It\'s great to bring any space for the 21 st century.
As a dining chair, office chair, you can use it to name it.
Consider using a pair as a dining chair.
They will provide double service as an extra guest seat. 3.
Chinese garden stools.
Speaking of extra guest seats, the Chinese garden stool is another designer
Solve all kinds of difficulties.
This is a stool, footrest and side table, and using it is a great way to form a texture palette for pop music or ceramics that add colors and patterns.
Also, once the weather gets warmer, it will move outdoors with you --
Really smart long-
Regular investment.
How to use: The bathroom is wet
Friendly side table, or hidden under the console, until it is needed elsewhere. 4.
Mongolian pillows.
Whether it\'s real or artificial, sheepskin pillows add a touch of luxury to any space.
Soft modern sofa or casual family recliner.
When you cross it with your fingers, the lovely feeling will appeal to you.
Use it: as a layer behind a bedding or main pillow.
Browse a variety of unique throw pillows on houzz5. Plug-in sconce. Plug-
Always go at sconces-
For life-saving straw, there are two reasons: they add an important layer of extra light without electricity to work, and they do it while they look amazing.
Use it: as a directional desk lamp, bedside reading lamp or space-
Save light anywhere to soften the shadow of the overhead fixture. 6. Saarinen-style table. The marble-
Saryn table, modern-
Inspired by many similar contours of the period the staple food brought the contact of the Stone (
The investment is much smaller than, say, a full kitchen counter or bathroom tile)
Very practical and livable style.
Clean look is easy to dress up and down, the size of the table is compact 24 inch (Even smaller)
Sit in eight seats or more.
Use it: casual breakfast corner or formal restaurant. 7.
Declaration mirror
The beautiful mirror actually doubles your space size and creates an important visual focus on the eye level.
This style has polished the metal with timeless subtle details.
A bit of worn metal can make any space feel rich in texture and beautifully contrast clean glass.
Use it: choosing a mirror with a wide frame helps the mirror become an artwork, anchoring the seating group or the foyer table.
Looking for an eyeCatch the mirror? Find one here8. Bar cart.
Use a bar cart in the bathroom for all your daily needs: soap, shampoo, towels-
It\'s like a spa with wheels.
Even if you don\'t have a spacious suite, the compact bar cart is a great place to easily store your morning essentials while bringing a stylish twist to the bathroom.
Use it: the bar cart is also great as a side table, bedside table or guest for the sofa --room addition.
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