7 living room table lamps for every style

by:Merttace     2020-05-06
Illuminate Your World with a gorgeous desk lamp or at least your living room.
During the break, the embedded lighting on your head will become softer.
The desk lamp provides great focused lighting, which is exactly what you need in your living room.
Set the mood for all your upcoming hosting activities with one of these 7 desk lamps, perfect for your living room.
This desk lamp brings boho chic to a whole new level.
Combined with nature and glam finish, this lamp is a delicate and stunning design.
The shiny paint ceramic base balloon sticks out at the bottom and then gradually becomes thinner to meet the wooden column.
Elegant and casual, this lamp is the perfect choice for the living room.
This will not distract the rest of the decor in the room, but the light will definitely shine when the time is right.
The neutral linen lampshade completes this simple and sweet look.
Sold for $113.
Now go to the West Elm store and use the rainbow-colored desk lamp to incorporate the fashionable colors of this season into your living room.
This modern design will add charm to your space. The hourglass-
Shape lamp base made of mouth
The blown glass and pearl finish make it look shiny.
The whimsical touch is made of antique brass rods and bases for polishing.
The desk lamp is not only modern in style, but also modern in function.
It has a USB charging port so you can stay in touch even if you stay with your family in the living room.
Originally sold for $129 and now for $100.
On your side desk, this desk lamp really looks like a piece of art.
Glass and brushed brass iron bases alone create a compelling look, but the popularity of the dotted colors does occupy the top.
The different shades of blue look like a brush on the glass base and feel very artistic.
In a simple living room, a set of such lights can easily become the center of the room and inform other design decisions.
Combine the blue of the entire space.
Sold for $228.
If your living room has more errors on the formal side, go and buy Halo cb2 Halo Globe Table lamp. This living room desk lamp is the perfect home accessory.
Cutting out the traditional lampshade, The Globe design is a complete Middle
Modern atmosphere of the century.
The maglev globe, based on the same dialogue, is a table because it will be on the floor.
The vintage ambiance of hand-carved glass lampshades makes this lamp an elegant room. The diamond-
The cutting texture of the sphere will help distribute soft textured light throughout the room.
Originally sold for $90 and now for $76.
Logan Sullivan shop 19.
This desk lamp is more of a traditional look.
The simple white lampshade and wooden base are classic, but this desk lamp is not without a modern upgrade.
The open base made of stacked wooden oval adds some curves to the table lamp with some texture.
Match the rich wood with the rest of the wood in the living room, or make some contrast to the modern space filled with stone.
The mix of natural elements will modernize the traditional style of cannabis. On sale for$94.
Shop 24.
5 \"West glass LED desk lamp illuminate your living room with this desk lamp.
These lights will not have much impact.
The glass base gives the lamp and lamp a feeling of ventilation, but is instantly beautified by gold
The leaves are painted around the base.
The smooth sexy curve of the lamp further adds to its appeal.
Not only does this come with a lampshade, but it also comes with an energy-saving bulb so you can light it up without guilt. On sale for$66.
Pavilion NowUrban travel supplies Alina rattan table LampThe ultimate Bohemian
Officially created a chic lamp.
In the perfect living room, this rattan desk lamp is located in a three
The leg stand will be a unique touch.
The interwoven bamboo-rattan shade is open and airy, creating a pattern effect by adding light to this overall texture.
In a living room full of plants, with a wide variety of natural elements and eclectic colors, this product will be perfect. On sale for$69.
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