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by:Merttace     2020-05-18
What is now commonly referred to as \"disco ball\" was widely used in nightclubs for the first time in the 1920 s.
These shiny spheres can steal performances from any kind of decoration.
These flash balls have different sizes and are never out of date.
You can use these gorgeous globes to add a bit of brilliance to the subtle decor.
Here are five ways you can use the concept and steal the show!
If you like shiny chandeliers, invest in a disco instead of a chandelier.
During the day, the sun will help spread the reflection throughout the place, making it look very charming, and the shimmer will light up even if the sun goes down.
Best of all, when you are planning a party at home, you don\'t even need to tidy up your location every time.
As a corner highlighter, place the glam ball in one corner and see how it differs!
The shiny ball\'s changing mood with the changing lights of the day will keep your awkward corner alive all the time.
Put your favorite indoor plants together and see the fairytale magic they create together.
As a bathroom decoration, you can place a disco ball as a bathroom chandelier or copy the concept to a shiny wall.
Adding a little charm to the most important areas will definitely get you started working in the morning and add passion to your shower!
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Friendly way to make your bathroom look expensive as it is a decorative accessory for the living room. If you don\'t want to highlight this charming ball, you can put it under the chic console in the living room.
This will add a subtle highlight to the room, \"Wow\" every time your guests see Evergreen\'s \"shiny disco \".
Copy the concept as a stair decoration, design your stair charm.
Just like the walls of the bathroom, you can decorate your stairs with shiny mirrors that are commonly used to make disco balls and give your decor an added advantage.
It would be even better if you had a staircase that evolved from the living room!
This is how you make disco balls at home!
All you need is: 1.
Foam plastic ball (
It is easy to buy at a cheap price on the online shopping website)2. CDs (
Used and scratched)3. Scissors4. Glue5.
Hanging Method: 1.
Cut the disc into small squaresshaped pieces.
Cut them into equal squares so that it will look like it even if it is placed on the ball. 2.
Insert the wire into the foam plastic ball and create a hook to hang. 3.
Glue the square on the foam plastic ball until it is fully covered. 4.
Clean the ball with an ultra-slim cloth to enhance the reflection of the ball.
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