21st Alibaba Orange Camp


The export of small and medium-sized enterprises will enter the era of diamonds that are small and beautiful. The exchanges between online merchants and the need to learn and create are becoming more and more obvious. Orange camp broke the traditional training mode of Alibaba, and strived to expand the thinking of online merchants, so that the small business managers who were originally in a lonely state set up their own circles, and at the same time gathered the ideas of orange power from the folks that have been fragmented. Build a wonderful stage.


In the orange camp, the business friends were sturdy, the knowledge was learned, and the resources were shared; the orange power camp is quietly changing the concept and pattern of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is making the online business community more open, more sharing, and more win-win.


Orange camp is not a strictly training. He uses training, sharing, visiting, communication, etc. as a carrier to bring you three things: a circle, a kind of thinking, and a redefinition of success.

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