21 decor tips from home staging experts

by:Merttace     2020-04-27
If you watch a lot of HGTV (
Or saw Amy Adams\'s rom. \"Leap Year \")
, You may well have seen the magic of home stagers being able to work in one place.
These experts can transform the space and even sell the most unsold houses.
So naturally they are full of great home decor suggestions.
Huffington Post asked a number of professional family stagers about their top decor tips, from accent wall to desktop design
Experts just want to make our space more attractive.
They shared: \"It can be a chore to make your bed, whether you live or sell it.
The key to making the hotel feel luxurious --
When using crisp white linens and full bedding and pillows, like is simple.
It\'s easy to find plump, fresh white bedding in most major home furnishing stores (
Can be the bed in the bag or the quilt, duvet and crisp sheets)
Then simply layered the front two or three pillows with the same accent, which easily changes seasonally.
\"-Karen Otto, Chief stage officer of HomeStar\" in the master bedroom, create a magazine look with a quilt or duvet with a solid color or subtle pattern;
Place the coordinated pillow chalms on the pillow on the bed and add one or two decorative pillows for the updated look.
\"Molin Bray, the owner of the room solution, squandered on a scented candle . \".
This is not where you can go cheap-the smell is everything.
The room was well arranged and warm.
\"-Joni Orbitz, co-
The founder and design director of StylHaus \"lights up and amplify the light in a room with a mirror against the light source on the wall.
I like the mirror because it has twice the visual area of any room.
Hang a series of three or four mirrors across the window to reflect the incoming light and view.
Cheryl Eisen, founder and CEO of the internal marketing group \"to set the right mood, add dimmers to all your lights . \".
The light is not always right.
-Lighting-desk lamp, chandelier, etc.
-Brought a lot of style to the room! Go BIG vs.
Smaller desk lamp!
\"-Kathy Burke, founder of sensrational Home Staging\" replacing outdated fixtures in your main room makes it feel more attractive; use high-
Lamps and wattage bulbs in lamps for maximum effect.
The \"Bray\" layer and mix textures to generate visual interest.
Add textured pillows and fur throws to create a charming sofa, for example.
\"Bigger and better in art . \"
The large canvas adds a statement to any room and can even make the wall space look bigger.
Eisen painted an accent wall.
Not only does it add a focal point to the room, it can also serve as a nice background for the artwork.
\"Orbitz\" would like to know where is the best place to hang art or other wall decorations?
Whatever furniture is below, put it on it (
Sofa, sideboard, fireplace cover, vanity or console)
And make sure the midpoint of the art is about 60 inch from the floor.
Bray \"creates the illusion of a higher ceiling with a simple floor --ceiling drapes.
On the budget, regular white sheers can go a long way, but make sure they are hanging properly.
The curtains should start from the ceiling and then kiss the floor.
\"Eisen\" adds beautiful folded fluffy white towels, eucalyptus, a thick piece of soap and some carefully selected decorative items to create a spa atmosphere.
\"Find a unique piece of furniture and make it a\" corner freak \".
For example, a Dane, in the middle
The century wooden chair covered with fur adds a certain degree of authenticity to the design.
You don\'t want your space to look like a \"set\" or a furniture showroom. ” ― Eisen“De-clutter and de-stress.
There are too many items on the coffee table, too many pillows on the chair, too many artwork on the wall, making the space feel cramped.
To make your room look clean and modern, stick with some statement pieces and super-large art.
\"Less is more ! \"
In other words, show your personality and style with carefully placed accessories and artwork to avoid unnecessary confusion.
\"Florence Edinger, head of the San Francisco stage and design team at Studio D,\" to add new energy to your seating area, use some new color pillows, add art or wall decoration on nearby walls.
\"Bray\" tries to get a popular color in your space, but doesn\'t feel right?
Try using a color accent in the room three times!
The eyes naturally travel in a space, and when you carry a color in the room, whether it is in a carpet, art, pillow or decor style, it almost always works and feels
\"If a room doesn\'t feel right, it may not be . \"
We often push the furniture against the wall to create an environment that we feel more spacious, but in the end it feels like a waiting room, which is not very good for conversation.
Try floating your furniture instead of hugging the walls.
Find a central point in the room (
Usually around the fireplace, under the ceiling fan, or around the TV area if you have).
If you have a solid surface floor like wood or tile, I suggest you buy a rug with an area not less than 6\'x9.
The suitable area carpet ground the space and furniture.
Fix the coffee table at the center point of the carpet and collect the furniture around, leaving at least 18 inch between the soft furniture and the coffee table.
If your furniture does not work at that distance, you may have to choose a larger piece of furniture to fix the coffee table.
Put the front foot of the soft furniture on the carpet and the back foot is completely acceptable to leave!
\"Otto\" is cheap with a new paint (and DIY-friendly)
But in terms of the look and feel of the space, the effect can be huge.
\"The newly painted walls in neutral colors will show your furniture and wall decoration to the maximum advantage (
Also makes the house feel goodmaintained).
Painting wooden decorations around skirting, doors and windows also makes the space more attractive, especially when using white paint to contrast with the color of the wall.
\"For those large pieces, sofas, beds, carpets, lights, etc. , Bree\" is matched with neutral substances.
You can add color/interest/drama with your art and accessories. . . .
The customer spends a lot of money on one.
They were tired of colored or highly stylized sofas for three years.
When you are tired of your \"appearance\" but not over --
Investing, you can redo your look again on the budget with art and accessories.
Choose a new color or style.
Simple, fun, not expensive!
The strategic use of dark paint and dark debris by \"Burke\" will not only increase the depth of space, but also create mood and drama.
\"It\'s easy to customize furniture . \"
Add your own handles, paint and even different legs to regular parts to make custom items at an affordable price.
-Eisen \"design odd rules for residency or staging.
For tablescapes, keep it simple if you don\'t think too many things out, remember the first and third numbers.
You can use a good scale piece or three decorative pieces of the exact same type (
In the beautiful plants, the hurricane [considered the fleshy plants]candle holders]
Or a big metal bowl).
Whether it\'s a restaurant or a coffee table, these are simple and affordable central pieces and can be replaced seasonally.
\"Otto\", when creating a center for your table, starts with a tray and selects three objects of different heights: one or two hardcover books, one plant, an interesting object works well together. Large coffee-
When two or three tables are piled up on the coffee table, the books on the table are also very effective.
\"Bray\" replaces heavy, dark or outdated curtains with simple panels to allow more light to enter your room;
Space will feel bigger and more attractive.
\"Not everything needs to be bought brand new or labeled as a designer on it . \"
A good design is to balance,
Sourcing from all different places and prices will make your space feel real and inviting.
\"I think the most important advice people can offer for everyday life is to follow the incredible home decor publications such as Elle Decor, interior world, Architectural Digest, etc.
-So you can feel what a wonderful design is from a variety of different styles.
Everyone has their own look or atmosphere.
Find the designers you like and see what their approach is.
Nahila Chianale, owner and chief designer of NCC Luxe \"I think there is a lot to learn from the Internet . \".
Use it to help you learn.
But don\'t be
Professional 99
9% of the time, you will be disappointed or the proportion is wrong.
Go to the showroom for help.
For clarity and style, ChianaleResponses have been edited a bit.
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