2018 Yangjiang Trip


On July 29, 2018, the annual corporate employee group activities came again. This year's event, the company chose to go to Yangjiang, on the sea, the sun and the beach, I hope all staff can relax.

Merttace has always been more humane, we focus on the physical and mental health of employees. In the midst of intense work, we hope that some collective activities will allow employees to relax, and work and rest will be more sustainable and better.

This year's event company is also very powerful. After all, Yangjiang is far away, and the journey is about three hours. In the first stop of Yangjiang, we of course went to the most famous beaches in the area. Unlike the beaches on the edge of the Pearl River, the beaches in Yangjiang have better water quality and less sediment, and there are more water activities here.

                                                 (Fun activity in Yangjinag)

The second stop, we chose to have a picnic, there are many hidden chefs in the company, but this time all of them are dispatched and they all show their magic. Everyone took out their own specialty dishes and shared the joy of this trip.

                         (Dinner at Yangjiang,All cooked by ourselves)

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