2016 Happy new year activity


On December 31, 2015, during the new year, Mortis held a special New Year celebration.

Before the event started, we took a big photo first, then Miss Ou announced the event. We have several different games for this event. The first is the race, running with a balloon. Take out the balloon from a box, run to the opposite side and bypass the chair and come back to put the balloon in the second empty box, the first to complete a group of winners.

The second activity is that draw something, we divide into several groups and compete together. The third activity is to tear the famous brand. This is a campaign with a fire on the TV show. The famous brand is placed behind the back. The goal is to tear off the opponent's famous brand. While protecting your famous brand, don't be torn off. Finally, the famous brand is not torn. It is the final winner.

After the activity,we go to dinner together.

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