2016 Guifeng Barbecue


August 13, 2016, Merttace Lighting decided that this year's employee welfare is to visit Guifeng Mountain and barbecue.


The company has always been very hommization, and knows that after half a year's work, employees need time to relax and have a good rest. They also need to make good efforts to save energy for the next half year's sprint. At the same time, this kind of collective activity can create a relaxed atmosphere for the company and promote the communication between employees, so the company decided to organize a collective activity every August.


This year, the company's collective activities through the voting of all staff, decided to go to Guifeng Mountain to play, and barbecue. After 45 minutes'drive, we finally arrived at Guifeng Mountain. Then we visited the scenery of Guifeng Mountain. After more than an hour's play, everyone was tired and could just start preparing for the barbecue. After the barbecue, we took the bus back to the old town.


A day's journey can be said to release everyone from the usual tense work, greatly promoting the communication between our employees.

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