2016 Alibaba Training Camp


  In 2016, Motis Lighting Co., Ltd. participated in the training activities organized by Alibaba. This training event is organized regularly by Alibaba. From the company's goal setting, staff structure adjustment to operation and sales skills training, it helps s to achieve digital transformation in the new era.


  This event is a training for sales skills. The event was explained by a foreign lecturer, and our salesperson had some common problems when writing development letters and returning customer emails. Through some of the emails he usually receives, the foreign lecturers pointed out the problems we may have and have not realized for the contents of these emails. These problems may not be caused by our unprofessionalism, but because of differences in thinking between East and West, but the final result is often to make customers think that the sales staff is not professional, causing customers to delay the order or eventually give up, and turn to other reasons. . Then, he also told us how we should change this thinking, more in line with the customer's way of thinking, can build trust in a short time, and prompt customers to place orders. At the end of the event, our company staff also took photos with the lecturer.

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