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Claire Nolan updated on Sunday\'s email: 05:46, October 9, 2012, it\'s easier than you think to put the wow factor into your home.
We go through two inspirational once dusty key holes-yet-
Transformation of achievable reconstruction projects: the back sea of terraces 2-storey, five-
A bedroom house that used to be a wall-to-wall chintz.
The couple renovated the property in two phases: the first phase-the bedroom, connecting the bathroom and the living room-took six months to complete, including stripping the house to a bare place, and reconfigure the layout to meet their needs.
Phase 2-rear side of large modernization-
Return expansion-a spacious kitchen/dining room and utility room will be provided.
Family Michael (below right)
Director of internal blog and art, and Jonathan, founder of location site shootfactory. co.
Britain, share their Edward VII ride in East Yorkshire with British Bulldog Jacob, Haba dog Oscar and Charlie.
The living room is a huge leather sofa that was bought for a song from Buck and Stone House (
Barkerandstonehouse. co. uk)
Because of the size of it, three-
One metre high ceiling.
Retro ceramic pineapple lamp with golden shadow of home theater (homesense. com).
Works by local artist Andy P (andyp. co. uk)
The classic monochrome scheme of black, white and gray replaces \"Chinese Volkswagen \".
Farrow & Ball polished and painted the original pine flooring with white or dark floor paint.
The walls are finished with full white Matt Manor paint, water pipes (grey)
Or it\'s also dark from row & Ball.
Alimraves, skirting boards, and picture tracks are all in eggshells to match the color of the walls and serve as tables and desks (eero-aarnio. com).
It is paired with two red wing chairs, purchased in the gap between the House and then re-purchased
Red Velvet (
Similarly, try the red Ruzzini of the designer Association, the designer Association. com).
Woven pouff is one of many people in the whole house, from the family (as before).
A painting by local artist Jeff Keane hangs above the renovated original fireplace and will soon be available through Michael\'s new online store.
The couple entered a smaller adjoining bedroom from the original master bedroom and suite, creating a huge master bedroom with an amazing open plan --plan bathroom.
Independent bathtub, washbasin (not seen)
And copper is recycled, has been restored, or re-
Apply or re-apply with nickel. Salvo. co.
The UK is a great place to look for local reclaimed land for similar accessories.
Style bathroom, sink and copper, try Albion (albionbathco. com).
The head of the kudos comes from the specimen market. co.
Over the years, with Michael rising from the window designer to the artistic director of Shang and home brands, the styling techniques of the master bedroom are everywhere in the UK.
Upgrade a basic £ 99 divan bed base in the bedroom and add additional wadd (
1 m from fabric store)
Before being muted \"redecorated\"Flat gray.
This is what the window I \'ve been doing in the past shows-it\'s fast, cheap, and simple.
\"All you need is a short gun and a friend to help you tighten the fabric,\" Michael explained . \".
A black and white London map is mounted on a mid-fiber board as part of Michael\'s upcoming series.
The floor lights come from Ikea (ikea. com)
Table lamp with B & Q (diy. com)
Vintage atmosphere bathroom style steal ● You can choose the finish of the copper-faucet, shower head, etc-will have a huge impact on the feeling of the room.
Nickel is a delicate and delicate surface treatment: it is not as bright as Chrome, and it is not as bright as gold, it adds a classic retro feeling.
● Re-adjust and replace a set of recycled faucets you fall in love (
Or update an existing collection)is a cost-
Effective option-expect to pay around £ 85 to reinstall a nickel basin faucet. Search online (
In Chrome or color)
A local expert or try Chrome in Ashford (Swimming in Ashford. com).
● In a larger bathroom, there is room for thinking in addition to the built-in spacein storage.
Furniture can be decorative or functional: the wooden side table next to the bathtub is a useful rest point for soap, a glass of wine or a book, while the glazed display cabinet (left)
Perfect for storing and displaying towels, candles, lotion and oil.
Michael\'s locker room, the couple sacrificed two bedrooms for each dressing room.
Michael\'s has a mahogany glazed shoe cabinet that gives a sense of a gentleman\'s costume (
See it on the left)
There is also an antique Central \"island\" unit with original marble tops that used as a shop cabinet for dentists in previous lives.
Andy Thornton specializes in similar antique shop accessories (andythornton. com).
For a series of chrome ceiling lamps in 1970, try the French House (thefrenchhouse. co. uk)
Style Steal: scaffolding poles ● These are strong enough to withstand the weight of a range of hanging clothes-they are great
If the track runs between the two walls, it is easy to install, but the accessory can make it work in most spaces.
● Similar to a device in Michael\'s locker room, right, the cost of a pole on the scaffold and two wall flanges is 28direct. co.
UK, tel: 0844 875 1314. A 4.
The 28 cm diameter pole is ideal as it allows the standard hanger to be installed and moved smoothly along the pole.
● Leave enough gap space for hanging clothes-place the poles at least 30 cm from the wall.
For ease of use, the standard height of the pole is 1.
6 m from the floor, but tailored to your personal preference, depending on your height and the clothes you need to store.
● Floating shelves above the track will help protect your clothes from dust and provide valuable additional storage space.
Ikea\'s shelf shortage range works well, ranging in length from 30 cm to 190 cm in a range of finishes.
Stuffed waya horses meet tourists at the front door (
Specimen production center. co. uk).
The Carpenter\'s Workbench is from the antique fair, and the desk lamp is from the family (homesense. com).
This piece of art is Michael\'s upcoming selection of online shopping. Landing old industrial lights (trainspotters. co. uk)
Hanging above Michael\'s home office outside the master bedroom.
The redecorated neon sign brings the only color element to the landing;
Similarly, try Michael\'s online store later this year. the-
Dark gray on walls and ceilings (
Lower tube of Row & Ball)
Create a comfortable feeling.
Classic combination of designers (
White Egg Chair in Conranshop Arne Jacobsen. co. uk)
The discovery of retro (
Such as a blue chair and a golden table), and high-
Street bargains (
All desk lamps and pouffes are for home use. com)
It is a typical representative of Michael\'s decoration style.
He explained: \"Just like I wear Prada shoes with a Gap shirt, I will put a 60 light in the same room as a handmade item for the price
The chandelier is a house from France (thefrenchhouse. co. uk)High-
\"Because you never know what you will find, especially now there are more international sellers there.
The next Lincoln Expo will be held in December 5. com.
Newark International Airport was held on December 7. co. uk.
● Hemlock Antique Center in Lincoln County, one of the largest antique centers in Europe.
\"There I would go to the dressing room and buy an investment item like the chest of an old-fashioned dentist. ’ hemswell-antiques. com. ● Car-
Boots sales-\"most of them are worth a good rummage, but the boots sales in the York Division are particularly good \".
Yorkantiquefairs. com.
● This French villa specializes in French antiques and retro lighting in Italy.
Most of our 1970 lights came from there.
There are branches in London and New York. thefrenchhouse. co. uk.
● Family feel \"I\'m a little addicted-I found a lot of bargains there: desk lamp, lampshade, knitted pou. ’ homesense. com.
Read Michael\'s blog at 47 parkav. blogspot. com.
His online interior design store will soon be available on 47 Pa G Avenue. co. uk.
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