10 things you already have to turn into nighstands

by:Merttace     2020-04-26
Neila Deen, Houzz tribauorthe bedside table is one of the most important surfaces in your bedroom.
It provides a home for books, photo frames and sleepy people --
Time necessities such as eye masks and earplugs.
Most of us chose the classic version: a small square table with a drawer and a matching drawer on the other side of the bed.
But this function area is not necessarily square.
Replace the classic bedside table with a non-
Bedroom furniture can add personality and functionality to your bedroom.
Here\'s a unique choice of 10 classic bedside tables.
The best part about these options?
They are common and you may already have them.
If not, you can buy them at a reasonable price on a garage sale or flea market. 1. Bookshelf.
Bookshelves are more powerful storage options than fiction and non-fiction.
If you have enough space on one side of your bed, try putting a shelf on the wall of the bed.
Books can be collected (of course)
As well as decorative boxes for storing personal items such as earplugs and eye masks.
If there is an opening on the back of it, or there is a hole for threading, then the shelf can also store a small reading light.
If your bedroom door is in a corner of the bedroom, which is common, the bookcase may look best to put in the corner farthest from the door.
This location will make the room more balanced when entering.
This rule does not apply if your door is in the middle of the room. 2. Tool chest.
The toolbox is not just for convenience.
They can be a solid piece of furniture with enough storage space.
Typical size of them
18 to 48 inch wide, different in height and depth
Can easily adapt to the space next to the bed.
Most tool boxes have glossy colors
The most common ones are red and black.
And can be purchased for less than $100.
Or maybe there\'s something in your garage waiting to be reused.
Either way, the toolbox is a multi-functional storage that adds personality and quirks to your bedroom. 3. Desk.
Some tables are just bigger, wider versions of bedside tables.
The plane of the desk can be placed with lights, books and other night necessities.
Add a chair to create a pair if you have enough space
Also used as a duty bedside table for work space. 4. Chair.
Embrace your whimsical side and choose a chair as your bedside table.
When there is room for a bedside table on one side of the bed, this look is particularly good --
Although it also looks lovely when you have chairs on both sides of the bed. 5.
Dresser or wardrobe
Instead of limiting your night
The table furniture is small or low-key, and you may boldly choose a relatively large piece of furniture, such as a dresser or drawer.
This can provide a lot
Extra storage is required especially in narrow bedrooms.
The key to a bigger piece is to create balance.
When the bed is placed in the middle of the wall, add another large piece of furniture on the other side;
A second dresser or table usually works.
Make sure the two pieces are similar in height and width to create a more symmetrical look.
When your bedside table does not match, adding lights of the same height on both sides of the bed can add a harmonious effect. 6. Console table.
The console is a versatile furniture that is useful in many rooms of the house.
It is small in size, designed for ventilation, and can provide a small drawer for storing personal items.
In the bedroom, due to the open space that allows you to place the stool, the console table can be used as a bedside table and table, or the responsibility of the bedside table and dresser to pull double, below is Ottoman or chair.
When the same or similar style is placed on both sides of the bed, the console table frames a bed well. 7. Floating shelf.
If your bedside space is challenging or you prefer a minimalist style, try using a floating shelf as your night --
Table substitution.
Today, the design of floating shelves goes beyond the simple white or wooden rectangles we already know.
Stylish shelves can be found in smooth tones and various shapes, and useful storage options can also be provided.
Shelves on the side of the bed often have built-in
It looks best when they are the same size and style.
Look for a shelf wide or deep enough to place a small bedside lamp and book and hang it at the same height as the top of the mattress. 8. Step stool.
A redesigned footrest is a smart, budget-
Friendly Space-
Save money for the dinner table at night.
Whether designed for a children\'s room, kitchen or garage, the ratio of stools is usually small and suitable for small spaces.
A typical footrest is 15 to 18 inch wide and about 21 inch high, perfect for many beds. 9.
Suitcase or suitcase
To add a vintage look to your bedroom, go to those old and windy suitcases you see in the thrift store.
Fold them together and put a solid tray on top as a fun DIY bedside table.
Choose a variety of colors to create a design feature in the room, or wily paint your suitcase the same color for a more shabby chic look, just like in this photo.
Again, pull out the old box in your attic.
The large surface area can easily accommodate lamps and other decorative items.
By scattering around small accessories such as old photo frames or antique mirrors, bring the vintage style of the suitcase into the rest of the room. 10. Ottoman.
As a bedside table, the footrest is easy to adapt to life.
It can be found on the cushion or on leather or wood.
They also have a variety of shapes: round, square, rectangular, octagonal.
Choose the same piece as the top height of the mattress, and the width fits the space next to the bed.
With a padded footpad, you may want to place a tray or large book on it to create a flat surface for the lights and other bedside items.
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