10 summer decorating ideas

by:Merttace     2020-04-02
Who says your back porch or patio should not mirror your indoor living room?
Outdoor space should be a continuation of your interior design during the warm summer months.
Move your living room outside this summer, arrange seating and encourage guests to sit down, socialize and relax.
Make the outdoor chair and footrest comfortable with fluffy pillows and cushions in the weather
Resistant to fabric and place carpets made of durable materials under furniture for cleaning.
Decorate the area like any of your interior rooms-
Art, mirrors and clocks will make the exterior room look complete.
Add coffee tables and coffee tables to places where food and drinks are conveniently placed, and install outdoor lighting such as lights, barbecue grills and ceiling fans after the sun goes down.
To create the ultimate outdoor living room, add fabric panels to the cool shed in your backyard to give you your own private cabin.
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Sitting chairs, floor mats and sofa beds will inspire the atmosphere of the party.
Store a pantry made of old kitchen cabinets or cabinets with candles, matches, plastic plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and some food for impromptu celebrations.
Install an outdoor fireplace or separate fire pit to help guests stay warm on cool, early summer nights and set up sturdy dining tables and chairs for casual family dinners or other social gatherings.
After dining with friends at an outdoor table on a perfect summer night, bake marshmallows in the fireplace and enjoy delicious s\' mores while playing a monopoly competition game under the stars
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