$1.4 million homes in washington, illinois and new york

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This house is located in the parlyside area in Northwest Washington, near Battery Kemble Park, a new entertainment center.
Highly rated FS.
Not far from key primary schools.
Although there is a lack of metro service in the area, it is convenient from home to bus.
Area: 2,755 square feet per square foot price: $499 interior: bright living room, high ceiling, heart-
Wood and Wood-
The burning fireplace is on the left of the front entrance.
The room flows into the formal restaurant.
Behind is a white kitchen with a wall --
In the warehouse by the window, there is a cushion seat.
The two bedrooms on the second floor are merged into a master suite with a large wardrobe and a marble bathroom; the glass-
Closed Jacuzzi by multiple
Head shower, room lit with glass block.
En suite bathroom with marble-
A tiled bathtub and shower are provided, and a balcony overlooking the pool area is provided.
The owner completes the third-
The loft becomes a living space with two bedrooms, a full skylight bathroom and a rest area with long and deep cushions --
One or two more children can sleep in a window seat.
On the lower level of the strike is a family room with built-in-
In racks and gas fireplaces;
The area is connected to the living room and the bathroom with a marble shower.
Outdoor space: lot 0. 13 acres.
The kitchen door leads to the deck overlooking the fenced pool and garden.
Right below is the covered porch that opens from the lower level.
Flowering trees and shrubs are planted on the back, including magnolia and Widodo, and a complete
Underground sprinkler system for maintenance yard. Taxes: $9,002 (2018)
Contact Information: Kornelia Stuphan, Long & Foster, Christie\'s International Real Estate, 202-669-5555; longandfoster. comEdward D.
The Chicago architect in charge of the home, Dart, is known for designing luxurious mixed furniture.
In addition to some churches, water towers are also used here.
In this residence in the northwest suburb of Chicago, you can see the influence of the church, its simple lines, lofty interior and the use of colored glass.
The house is located three miles west of the Barrington Metra train station and an hour\'s drive from downtown Chicago.
Size: 3,900 square feetPrice per square foot: $353 interior: through the entrance porch, the front door is decorated with the original brass hardware and you can enter a three-story
Height Hall with exposed brick walls-
Materials found throughout the house.
The hall spans two elevated catwalks.
Right in front is a restaurant with polished black slate floor
In cabinets and two glass walls, wooded properties and lakes can be seen.
The restaurant leads to a large kitchen, which the current owner redesigned about a decade ago with curved counters, circular islands and hanging glass cabinets.
On the left of the front door is the living room with a window, hardwood floors and a brick fireplace with a fireplace.
The powder room on this floor has Granite-
Wood vanity with copper sink and rainbow mosaic on top-tile walls.
The second floor is reached by two stairs, which also lead to the lower floor.
The stairs in front of the House take you to a master suite with a large dressing room and a bathroom with a lime surface, as well as a red base sink and a sunken Jacuzzi.
The stairs behind the kitchen lead to three carpeted rooms (
Each has a built-in
On a table across the width so that any room can be used as a study or office)
There\'s a guest bathroom next to the hallway.
A cat step is attached between the two bedroom areas.
The stairs in front also rise to the third floor, where the T leads to a carpeted office with built-in
There is also a whole glass wall on the bookshelf.
A daylighted low gluetile-
Gym, bedroom, full bathroom, laundry and bomb shelter.
Outdoor space: The house is sitting at 6. 3-
Acre lot, accessible by half private driveway.
Two attached-
The garage with garage is connected to the kitchen, with a terrace in both the living room and kitchen, which comes with a pizza oven.
The lakes in the hotel can be used for swimming and kayaking. TAXES: $21,218 (2017)
Contact Information: Judy Gibbons, James House, 847-274-4983; jamesonsir.
The House of Jory Gilbert, named after the second owner, is a post station and railroad car manufacturer, and has been elected mayor of Troy twice.
It faces Washington Park, one of the state\'s three privately owned city parks (
Others are Gramercy Park in Manhattan and Sunnyside Garden Park in Queens).
At 2001, it acts as a pioneer designer exhibition hall, some of which are painted on the walls for that event.
Size: 9,576 square feet per square foot price: $145 Indoor: a room over 40 feet long on the left side of the arched front door with etched glass embedded in it.
It has herringbone floors, inlaid borders, carefully carved crown shapes, 13-
The foot-decorated ceiling hangs a crystal chandelier with earth lights and two dock mirrors inlaid in a gold-plated frame.
A pair of arches lead to the dining room, with walls covered in paneled siding with delicate cornice and curtains on the windows.
Each room has a unique inlaid floor pattern.
The right side of the front door is a living room with decorative mantel and ceiling on tophigh mirror.
The walls and ceilings are painted here.
After that, you can get to a double living room with eggplant.
The Wall and the bar.
The kitchen on this floor is stainless steel.
A steel appliance with murals and a butler food room and an additional breakfast room.
Separate stairs rising from the second staircase
A level landing takes you to the bedroom on both sides of the house.
On the north side is a master suite with an amazing number of ion columns as well as a bedroom, living room, study room, dressing room and en-suite bathroom with walk-in bathroomGlass shower.
The back of the owner is another suite with a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen overlooking the back deck.
The South staircase leads to a bedroom with a brass chandelier dripping with Crystal on it and a large bathtub in the en suite bathroom.
Decorative paint and floor on the wall of the other bedroomto-
Ceiling windows with views of the park.
The en-suite bathroom includes a Plaid wooden wall, a marble sink, and a bathtub and shower.
On the third floor is a rental unit with two bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen.
And one more --bedroom in-
Law suite 1,000square-
Ground floor with kitchen and Italian-
Tiled bathroom with shower.
Outdoor space: 0. 16-
Acre property includes a brick house with upperslevel one-
The bedroom apartment was renovated less than a decade ago with hardwood floors, bare bricks, a gas fireplace and a modern kitchen.
The fenced yard between the main house and the carriage has grass and brick paving.
Tax: $17,718 Contact: Julia Rosen, Berkshire Hathaway Black, 518-859-7725;
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